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Monday, December 9, 2013


The day before the first day of school for second grade I told Nathan that I would make him a sign for his first day of school picture.
Nathan: "Do I have to?"
Mama: "Wouldn't it be nice on your picture?"
Nathan: "But do I have to carry it all day?"   (I guess we didn't specify that...)

Abigail, while sampling food: "I'm delicioused by it."

Abigail to Mama: "Figuratively or literally?"

Abigail observing: "There were 1-2 girls crying.  I heard two different cry patterns."  (Yes, the girl has quite the vocabulary.)

Isabelle: "I wear Mama shoes!"
Mama: "I'll wear your shoes too."
Isabelle: "No!  You not old enuf."

Isabelle, not wanting to eat anymore: "Dere bird poo on my plate!"  (No, there was not!)

Isabelle (talking about our dog): "Copper trying to eat me."  

Abigail, while watching me make her toast: "Slither the butter on my toast."

David, wanting to know what to order for me at Starbucks: "Last time you had me order a Caramel Crapiado."

Isabelle, hungry: "I NEED MY EAT!"

As cousin Olive is leaving, Isabelle sighs: "My friend going home."