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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy Birthday, Abigail

Yes, yes, this post is a tad bit late...  Hey, it's the holiday season and that is my excuse!  This year the redhead had a great birthday.  She at first wanted a blue party (her new favorite color) but then decided on a Tangled birthday.  Since she had already wanted that last year, that's what we did.  Pinterest was full of ideas!  And most of them reasonably priced.  

No birthday is complete with a dog hug....  This was the first birthday where the redhead had to go to school.  At school she got a beautiful crown, some treats and got to bring treats.  She decided on fruit kebabs.  At first she wanted something else (can't remember) but with all the food allergies, she was excited to get the fruit sticks.

This Tangled-themed and colored table awaited her upon arriving home from school  The little plates had plastic knives hot-glued to them to make them look like skillets.  A favorite weapon of the Tangled heroine.  

The cake was fairly simple this year.  Nothing too fancy.

This was the sweetest gift to me:  When at Fred Meyer the day before her birthday, Nathan decided to spend ALL of his money on flowers for his sister.  He saw them and wanted them for her.  He picked out the ones that he thought she would like best.  And she loved them.  

Best present #2: Built-in play date with cousins!!!

Cute little Olive trying on the birthday hat.  I've loved this hat so much and none of my birthday girls wants to wear it.  :-(

Present time!  With lots of help from cousins and siblings.

Big hugs to Olive for her original drawing.

Abigail's red-head in cahoots, Jennifer.  The two share a special bond.

Family time is the best of time.

Uh-oh!  We lost Rosie.

Abigail had a blast.  She was as always focused on the people.  She loves the presents, of course, but she is happy with whatever people give her.  I love that about our little girl.  
At this age, she is still full of spunk.  She is a blast to live with and we adore her.  She is a fantastic sister and a great helper to mom.  She helps me with all things Isabelle (even taking her potty and getting her dressed, etc).  She mops and does laundry but hates cleaning her room - we trade off often where I clean her room and she does other chores.  She adores Daisy and Copper and loves her siblings and cousins.  Her favorite game is the Wii (Mariocart racing with Nathan) and her favorite past-time is still reading (especially the Berenstain Bears).  Favorite food is chicken noodle soup and drink is raspberry-lemonade.  She likes her ballet but it's not a passion yet.  She loves music though.  She goes through spurts of playing the piano and then taking long breaks.  Her coloring has become more abstract and there is less of it.  Soccer was the first sport she played this year.  Her grades are all A+ and she is ok with school.  She'd rather stay home and has a bit of a hard time leaving mom and dad.  She's become a great friend to Nathan and the two love to play board games or Wii games together.  They are getting better of playing imaginary play together but it still ends in arguments over whether or not to go to war (natural for the boy, unthinkable for the girl).  Blue is the color of her world and she still likes to dress in outfits that do not match and are very colorful.  She loves her hair short and would much rather never brush it.  Her bear is still a much-loved companion although he is not always by her side anymore.  She is strong-willed but learning to wield.  All in all, she is the sunshine in our world.

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