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Monday, December 16, 2013


  • "Oo-tay" (Okay)
  • "How was your daytime?" (How was your day?)
  • "O-ooooo-ooooo-oria, in celsis deeee" (singing "Gloria in excelsis deo")
  • "Better not cry, better not pout" (She's really into singing right now.)
  • "Can I drink some of your tea?"
  • "Dada?  Dadaaaaa!"
  • "I'm Hannah" (After her 9-year old friend whom she admires.  It's funny because we almost named her Hannah - only the fact that our friends had a Nathan, an Abigail and a Hannah kept us from doing it....)
  • "Nee-nee.  You're mine!"  (Nathan, I love you.)
  • Whiny sound, throwing down toy.  More whiny sounds....  (frustrated toddler)
  • "Where my Abby?", followed by "Where my Nee-nee?".  Repeat a bunch of times....
  • "Can I have caaandy?" (Answer is "no.") "Can I watch Berenstin Bears?" (Berenstain Bears.  Answer is "no.") "Can I watch a movie?" (Answer is "no.") "Can I have gadoate?" (Gatorade.  Answer is "no.")  Repeat in sequenced intervals until one answer may change to "Yes."  Do not give up and be persistent.....
  • "Mamaaaa!  I need you!"  (Mostly when on the potty.)
  • "Copper took my ball!" (It is the dog's ball, yet she claims it every single day....)
  • "I don't wanna go night-night!"

One Funny:
Mama: "Isabelle, do you need a tissue?"
Isabelle: "No.  My runny nose went back to his home."

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