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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

We've gotten bad about taking pictures.  So there aren't too many for this year in general but also for this Thanksgiving.  

Beautiful girl in a beautiful gray dress.  She loves this headband.  The dress she hated.  She couldn't lift her arms without it tightening but she chose to wear it anyway, given the option of not dressing up.  
Grandma made a lovely breakfast for Thanksgiving.  Her help was so much appreciated this year.  I helped with the breakfast but most of it was her handywork.  We also kept the decorations simple this year.

Nathan was excited to discover that older folks like to play the Wii too!  This was a revelation to the kids and quite a few adult/child matches were played.  And as it always is, the kids won.

All family together.  It was a very lovely Thanksgiving this year.  Even the Hendrons were able to join us.

The Hendrons are like family to us.  It is always wonderful when they can join us.  The kids especially love them around.  Nathan has loves horsing around with Dick and Abby and her fellow red-headed Hendron girl are buds.  

Auntie Megan and uncle Rusty.

Dick, Nathan and uncle Chris.

Pretty little Isabelly.  She just loves family get-togethers and all the attention she gets.  So many people to play with!  
Unfortunately these are some of the only pictures we took.  Maybe we'll do better next year.  Doubtful, with a new baby.....  :-)

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