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Friday, January 3, 2014

Christmas Questionnaire 2013

Favorite Song - Come, Oh Come, Emanuel
Favorite Candy - Sour Skittles
Favorite Cookie - Gingerbread House Cookie
Favorite Show - Prep and Landing
Favorite Light Color - Red
Favorite Tradition - Mommy's hot chocolate
Hot Cocoa or Tea - Cocoa
Fake Tree or Real - Real
Favorite Board Game - Risk
Favorite Christmas Book - "I like every Christmas book"
Favorite Tree Ornament - "The one that says Nathan on it" (One he got from his teacher last year.  Red bulb with golden ribbon and golden writing of his name.)
On My Wish List - Lego Hobbit The Lonely Mountain Set, Seahawks Football Costume Uniform, Lego Hobbit sets
Favorite Advent Activity - Watching Christmas Movies

Favorite Song - Angels we have heard on high
Favorite Candy - Bubble gum
Favorite Cookie - Sugar cookies
Favorite Show - Grinch and Cat in the Hat
Favorite Light Color - Blue
Favorite Tradition - Decorating her pink Christmas tree
Hot Cocoa or Tea - Hot chocolate
Fake Tree or Real - A blue fake tree
Favorite Board Game - Scavenger Hunt
Favorite Christmas Book - The Grinch
Favorite Tree Ornament - Green and silver bead snowflake that Santa brought this year
On My Wish List - I didn't have one because I didn't have enough time
Favorite Advent Activity - Decorating the gingerbread house with Olive

Favorite Song - "Betta not cry, betta not pout..." (Santa Claus is coming to town) and what she calls the "Reindeer Song" (Rudolph the red-nosed Reindeer - she mouths the whole song when Abby or I sing it)
Favorite Candy - "buddle gum candy - hmmmm"
Favorite Cookie - peppermint cookie
Favorite Show - "the raindeer hong" (reindeer song)
Favorite Light Color - white
Favorite Tradition - making the manger
Hot Cocoa or Tea - no answer
After that question I lost her....  A nearby straw captured all her attention.

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