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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy 40th Birthday to my Man!

Nathan and David were gone all morning to a wrestling tournament.  That gave the girls and I perfect cover to decorate for a somewhat surprise birthday party.  Once David got home from the wrestling tournament, I forgot to take pictures of him or any guests.  So the only pictures we have are the ones I took before the party.   Our family all came (Grandma, brothers, Megan, Olive, Rosie and then Kevin and his family and the Hendron's).  Kevin's family and the Hendron's was a surprise to David.  As was the baseball-themed party.  For his 40th birthday I wanted to at least do something special.  With me being pregnant, I was forbidden to have a big party or anything extraordinary as David did not want me to stress or overly exert myself.  I figured a themed-party would be fun.  Some of the things that David loves came to mind but baseball stood out.  Not only does he love it and it has been a big part of his life, but practically thinking, since he is a coach, we had a lot of decorations.  :-)  

As you enter our house, a tee with a helmet on it greeted you.

The banner was the one thing I made. (Thank you Pinterest!)

We kept the food pretty simple.  Since it was baseball-themed, we offered hamburgers and hot dogs, along with peanuts, candy, sodas, water, popcorn, sunflower seeds and other treats.  My plan had been to grill the hamburgers but my husband would not let me, in order to make things easier on me.  Gotta love a man like that!

Another idea I got from Pinterest.  The original had other candy bars which I had a hard time locating.  So I got my own candy bars and made something different.  It says:
"Do your bones CRUNCH?
Do you feel like you are falling to PIECES?
Is turning 40 like a SOUR PUNCH in the gut?
Turning 40 is nothing to SNICKERS about.
But this POP ROCKS and is still worth his 100 GRAND.
Happy Birthday to you,
BIG HUNK!!!" (Candy bar names in all caps)
The kids made a point out of memorizing this over the next few days.  They also drooled over the candy. :-)

For decorations, I only bought the table cloth and the plastic ware at the Dollar Tree.  Everything else, we had on hand.  The shirts over the chairs are teams David had coached in the past.  They were nice conversation starters for all family members involved in baseball over the years.  The baseballs in jars were also a Pinterest idea, as was the plate in the glove.  It is funny, during baseball season we cannot keep sunflower seeds on hand.  For this party, I threw most of them away.

David's mom gifted him his beloved crab for his dinner the day before.  He got some pretty awesome gifts this year, including a zoo membership, a large amount of money, a 3D movie ticket for himself and Nathan plus a movie ticket for himself and Abby, a light-up keyboard and some homemade crafts from the kids.  I had planned on giving him a crafted gift as well.  But my first trimester tiredness put all my schedule behind and I never got caught up.  Maybe I'll save the idea for the 50th?  :-)  So he got a pretty awesome huge (and I mean HUGE) jar of Jelly beans (the envy of all my kids) and some beef jerky (which the pregnant wife ate almost all by herself).  So really, he only got jelly beans....  Yikes.
David was pretty surprised at the themed-party and I'm pretty sure he liked it.  He didn't like turning 40 at all though.  But I love growing old with my wonderful husband.  It is lovely to grow older with your very favorite person in all the world and getting to spend all your days with him.  How many people can say they are married to their best friend and most favorite person?

“He's more myself than I am. Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.”


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