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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

These are a few of my favorite things...

A few of my favorite Christmas traditions/events/etc:

Driving through neighborhoods and looking for Christmas lights, while drinking hot chocolate (Abby thought this was still too hot but insisted on drinking it anyway) and listening to Christmas music.  We start this early in the season and do it multiple times.

Making sugar cookies and then decorate them with excited children.

Isabelle literally just taste-tested decorations all night.  I wasn't aware of this until I saw the pictures....  There was Isabelle with red sugar on her mouth, then a few of the other two, then Isabelle with frosting in her mouth, a few more, then Isabelle with crystal sugar in her mouth....  You get the idea.

Our Jesse Tree.  Love that one.  We did an Illuminated Art one from Amazon (around $7) two years ago with Nathan and Abby.  They still remember all the ornaments and love seeing it.  We added a few ornaments from friends and from the kids this year.

Abigail, master decorator.  She decorates in crazy, colorful designs.

Nathan, there is a method to this.  He is detailed (hmmmm, who does that remind you of?) and systematic.

I think this year the kids were a little older for our old Jesse tree.  Not Abby, but definitely Nathan.  I had them vote to see if they wanted to do something different or the same one.  They voted for "new".  So we started Ann Voskamp's "A Journey of Wonder" I had printed a few years ago.  It is a very lovely way to prepare your hearts for Christmas.  We didn't finish it this year (due this mommy getting busily overwhelmed) but we will next year.

The Snowman.  I hide it.  When a kid finds him, they bring him to me and get rewarded with kisses.  Then I hide him again.  The kids love this.  So simple.

The Elf.  A newer tradition.  Last year the elf freaked Nathan out.  This year they loved finding it.  Here the Elf mistook dog treats for cookies and advised us to get new cookies as these ones weren't very good.  Isabelle got the most out of this.  She would just chuckle to herself and kept saying "That Elfff!".  That alone was worth it to me.

Snowflakes for the window.  Nathan came up with some nice ones this year.  Abigail's were still very simple.  She would take the folded start and just cut off the top and bottom, so she'd end up with a round flake with a hole in the middle.  It pleased her.

Just a few of the things that kept us busy in December.  How I wish the kids would have all of December off!  What fun we could have....

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