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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Game Night

One of my favorite family games is Apples to Apples Junior.  It of course comes in handy that our Kindergartner is a fluent reader.  The kids seem to really like this game and we even figured out a way that Isabelle can play.  And watch out!  That two year old has this game in her back pocket. 

First off, we had to find seating for everyone.  Isabelle has been turning the bear over and sitting on his front legs.  It's a balancing act to behold.

Abigail was the clear winner of this game.  She just picks the right cards for each category.  It was Nathan's quest to not give her any when it was his turn to decide on a winner.  He ended up giving her most of her trophy cards....

Isabelle doesn't like to sit on chairs.  She will get comfy on the table.

"Did I just give Abby another trophy card???"

Abby posing for the camera. 

We gave Isabelle cards as well and had her pick one every round to put in the pile.

The game is quite funny.

Isabelle would wander off and play with something else and then ocassionally come back to us.  But the littlest one almost one the game!  She was one card shy of Abby's respectable stack.  Nathan and dad were next and for some reason, no one liked my answers; I ended up with only two cards.  Yes, you can hear a sad violin sound in the background.

Remember the snow the had?  Did you know it makes one really tired to play hard in the snow?

She fell asleep right in front of our coat closet.  :-)

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