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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Spirit Week 2014

The kids' school has a really fun Spirit Week every year.  Different themes are selected for each day of the week such as pajama day, color day, sports day, dress-up day, crazy hair day.  In addition they have all sorts of fun events throughout the week, such as teacher/student volley ball matches, class competitions, etc.  It all ends in Valentines Day parties in their classrooms.
Spirit week this year was a bit stressful, so I didn't get pictures of sports day or crazy hair day.  For crazy hair day Nathan has his hair colored with 7 different colors.  Oh, it was crazy.  And for sports day he wore his Denver Broncos uniform.  Brave man.  Most of his classmates are Seahawks fans.

Alas, I managed to get some pictures of pajama day:

Nathan wanted to wear his "Mommy's Monster" pjs.  Those are a size 8 and I noticed on that day that they have become short!  That boy grows faster than I can buy clothes.

Abigail had a hard time deciding what to wear.  I finally took the choices away from her and she happily settled into her favorite purple nightgown (from Oma) with her matching purple leggings.

Color day!  Abby's color for her grade was rainbow.  She had planned for two weeks what she would wear.  The one thing we forgot is to paint her fingernails.  I remembered after I dropped her off.  Nathan's color was purple.

Rainbow shirt, breakfast and hair!  :-)

Nathan with purple hair. 

Isabelle didn't want to be left out, so we colored some of her hair with chalks as well.  These are regular chalks from the craft section and we just made them wet so they would adhere to the hair.  All kids were advised to not go near water.

Abby in her classroom.

Nathan's class looked so fun upon entering this purple kingdom.

Cade, one of Nathan's friends.

This is also a morning ritual.  Esther, Heidi, Maggie and Sydney all swarm Isabelle and want multiple hugs.  They love the little girl and sometimes she gets overwhelmed when she gets swarmed.  

School is definitely fun (sometimes).  :-)

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  1. Die Farben sind gut geworden und sehen hübsch aus :-)