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Sunday, March 16, 2014

For Oma and Handmade

Fuer Oma: Isabelle mal wieder unter dem Tisch...  :-)

This first picture is for my mom.  Isabelle likes to play under the table and so did my mom when she was little.

Lately the hand-making bug has hit me again.  Or maybe it is the early nesting instinct. I finally finished a dress that I started knitting for Isabelle about 3 years ago.  All it needed was an arm and a neck.  Sad, uh?  Thankfully it still fit as a shirt.  :-)  Isabelle loved it and she keeps asking me to wear the shirt "that mama made for me."

This is another project I've been thinking about a lot.  I saw this skirt tutorial on Pinterest.  My stash of fabric still had this crazy color fabric I had once bought for Abby at a garage sale (she loves lots of color).  It was perfect for the skirt.  We didn't have quite enough fabric so we adjusted the pattern to have two top rows instead of one more larger bottom row.  It came out really cute anyway and it twirls nicely.  Abby also loves her home-made skirt and wears it whenever it is back on her closet after I do laundry.  All my kids really appreciate home-made things and I love that.

This is yet another Pinterest idea.  Bowl and plate covers in order to save on plastic wrap.  This fabric also was bought month ago and needed to finally be put to work.  It was amazing how easy this project was.  Actually all the projects were so super easy, it made me mad they had been on hold for so long.  But it sure felt good to make them and have them ready.  I guess that is what carpal tunnel surgery recovery time is good for.  :-) 

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