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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Nathan's First Science Fair

 This school year had Nathan's first science fair.  The kids had quite a large selection of topics to pick from and Nathan chose "Fossils".  While researching fossils, he found out about Megalodon (or Megatooth Shark).  Thankfully I was able to get him to refocus since it felt overwhelming to make a model of a Megalodon.  Nathan had a pretty good idea of what he wanted to make.  He needed help with his report but was otherwise pretty independent.  He had most of the pieces needed already on hand and only had a borrow a few leaf imprint samples with identification sheet from Grampy.

Here is what his diorama looked like in the end.  On one side you see a volcano with rocks and a dinosaur who had died and is starting to be covered with sediment.  Further down on the box you see paleontologists uncovering a dinosaur fossil in the rock.

On the side of his box he had all the labels explaining what was going on in his diorama and also exhibiting some tools paleontologists may be using.

Here are the leaf imprint samples with identification sheet.  There are also two fossils at the top borrowed from Grampy (they are squids).

A proud Nathan behind his exhibit.  He is greeting guests, answering questions and also has a question and answer sheet for any visitors.  In addition, he brought my lollipop stash to hand out.  :-)

Nathan's report he wrote about fossils.

Students from both second grades were having a science fair.  This is Nathan's class visiting the other classroom and learning about their exhibits.  Abby was very interested as well.  It was neat to see all the exhibits, they were amazing.  The kids were very interested in learning from each other and it was just such a fun day for them.  They even had first, third and fourth grades visit them.

The funniest thing though was that when I woke up at 6:30 on the day of the fair, Nathan was already dressed in his room and ready to go, that is how excited he was.  And apparently he wasn't the only one.  A friend of mine told me that her daughter, Heidi, did the same exact thing.

And in conclusion, Nathan got the full 50 points available for his first science project.  Great job, bud!  You really did a wonderful job putting it all together.

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