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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Pretty Little Ballerina

Abigail's ballet school does have an observation week occasionally.  This is where parents can come into the classroom and observe the lessons first-hand.  Usually we are in a little room outside and can't see very much.  Those weeks are so neat because it makes Abby so proud to show me what she learned.  I do also learn why we usually are not in the room.  :-)  The kids get really focused on parents instead of their lovely instructor, Miss Laura.

Abigail in the dressing room with her matching bear.  Her age group wears all pink. 

Their lesson begins with a warm welcome, checking all who are there, a bible verse and a quick run over all they will do.  This also allows enough time to anyone who is late to arrive.  

Warming exercises and stretching.  They are also learning fine finger movements for a part of their big recital at the end of the year.

Love this picture of Abby suspended in the air in such nice posture.  They are learning to skip is what Abby wants me to write here.

More warming up and learning how to move in certain ways.

Abby loves her ballet.  She always has a hard time going but when she is there, she loves it.  When she comes out of her class she just bursts forth with words, a clear sign she loved it and is excited  I love, love, love watching my ballerina.  Even more so, I love it when she comes home, puts on beautiful music and teaches her sister how to dance.  Isabelle will be all ears and pay close attention to every word Abby says.


  1. Sie ist mit Abstand das hübcheste Mädchen und eine gerade Haltung
    alle Achtung. OMA

  2. Ja, gell, die haltung ueberrascht mich auch sehr. :-) Nicht von der mama geerbt. :-)