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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Frozen Crazyness

So our house officially has been taken over by Frozen music just as I'd imagine many other American households are.  We ended up buying the DVD at Costco and my mom gifted the girls the CD for Easter.  Originally Abby went to the movies with uncle Chris to see this movie and got scared about an hour into the movie.  She wasn't sure if Elsa was going to hurt Anna, so she wanted to leave.  However, after the movie she wanted to watch the music videos on Youtube.  She learned the "Let it Go" song after seeing it only 5-7 times. It was really amazing how quickly she learned the lyrics and even copied the singers intonations and the characters movements.  It made me note once again that we need to figure out a way to get her into musical theater.  
After memorizing the first song, the girls wanted to see that song and "Build a snowman".  All songs of course were also re-enacted.  After that it was "What Frozen Things Do In Summer".  And then we just moved along until we saw most Youtube videos.  Having the CD, we even have more songs now.  While the songs wouldn't leave my mind for the first few days and thought I might go crazy, I can tune it out now.  But the music is excellent.  I can see why the girls love it so much and actually really enjoy listening to it myself.  And I love hearing my girls sing it.  
Even Isabelle got really into it.  She recites her "Let it Go" while playing the piano.  She is also convinced that the Demi Levato (sp?) version of the song is her friend Abigail singing.  :-)  That is why she plays her piano while singing the song because her 16-year old friend Abigail played it beautifully.  To her, my laptop is synonymous with watching Frozen songs.  She keeps asking me if she can watch "the snow gone white on the mountain tonight" (Let it Go) on the "pink-uter" (computer).  
And should they ever tire of singing or watching Frozen, then they will encorporate it into their play.  It is either dress-up, with blankets draped like Elsa's or Anna's cape or a strange combination of Nathan playing Lord of the Rings while Abby plays Anna and Elsa right there amongst the Uruk-hai and Orcs.