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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Welcome Sweet Little Hannah!

Sweet baby Hannah made her entrance into the world the other day.  Lovely huge cheeks to smootch, she even has red hair like Abby (we'll see if it stays).  She looks a lot like Abby but the more I look at her, she also reminds me of Isabelle (big cheeks).  The kids absolutely love her and snuggle with her constantly.  They love holding her and especially Abby doesn't tire of doing so.  The kids' reactions to her made our hearts fill with joy, so loving and sweet.  Especially Nathan, who cried tears of joy the night I went into the hospital, because he was so excited to meet her.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Bestest Helper Ever

Although she is only 6 years old, Abigail is my lifesaver.  She is amazing.  She helps with all kinds of chores and on a day when she is in a generous mood (or just bored), she does work all day long.  She gets Isabelle dressed, feeds herself and Isabelle, mops and sweeps floors, wipes counter tops, entertains Isabelle all day long, cleans the kitty litter, and last week she even bathed Isabelle with very little help!  Abby, you are a rock star to your 9-months pregnant mommy!  I wish you a little girl just like you.  You'd love it.  :-)

Monday, May 19, 2014


It's been a while since I've posted funnies.  It is not for a lack of funny things the kids say, it is simply my lack of writing it down.

Isabelle: "No, it's not."
Mama: "Isabelle, stop arguing with Mama."
Isabelle: "I'm not arguing."
Mama: "Yes, you are."
Isabelle: "No, I'm not!"

At the park, Isabelle had to sit next to me for a time-out.  She was not happy about this.  So after thinking for a while, she says: "I just sit here."
Mama: "You are in time-out."
Isabelle casually: "No, I just sit here."  (How do you reason with a 2-year old, I ask???)

Abigail, after singing some high notes with her uncle: "Please tell dada you made me yell."

Isabelle, not in the mood to eat her dinner: "I'm tired from eating."

After serving a bowl of cereal to Nathan, which was apparently not filled sufficiently, Nathan asks: "Is that for mini-Nathan?"

Sunday, May 18, 2014

First Lost Tooth - Abigail

The girl's finally lost her loose tooth.  She had it for a long time and was especially excited.  She wasn't one to mess with the loose tooth though.  Except for the last day.  She bit into a piece of French bread and it got really loose.  She played with it a bunch by wiggling it with her tongue.  The next morning, she woke up and came downstairs and wanted to show me how she had turned the tooth all the way around earlier in the morning.  When she did so, her tooth came out.  It totally surprised her.  But excitement quickly took over.  She walked around with the tooth constantly by her side for probably three days and wouldn't relinquish it to the tooth fairy.  While she is still not ready to give it up a week later, she at least stopped playing with it.  :-)  My baby-girl is growing up for sure.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Nathan's First Ever Sleepover

This weekend Nathan had his first ever sleepover.  It had been long anticipated as we had to cancel it twice due to sickness in our family and the other family.  Nathan's very good friend from first grade, Caleb and his brother Emmit were happy to have him stay the night at their house.  They have a nice amount of property, so the boys would have lots of area to roam.  Nathan even brought his tent but it did start to rain quite a bit.  So the boys decided to camp out in the living room instead.

Here are the boys roaming the property and shooting gliding airplanes.  They also climbed the barn via a nearby tree.  Just look at Nathan's facial expression on all photos.  He is so very happy.

The boys playing a math game.  This is Nathan's newest thing (to point fingers like guns at people).  

Settling down, while watching Narnia and munching on popcorn.

Nathan just had such a wonderful time.  He wanted us to get a barn so he could climb it.  :-)  I'm pretty sure he wants some brothers now as well....  It was just so very kind of Ann to take Nathan in for the night and the following day, where Nathan got to visit their church and go to a potluck and also meet another one of their friends.  All this boy-time was great for him, who is "stuck" with all of us girls who do not understand his warring boy nature that must shoot down planes and climb up things and conquer.  Thankfully Caleb and Emmit did.  :-)