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Monday, May 5, 2014

Nathan's First Ever Sleepover

This weekend Nathan had his first ever sleepover.  It had been long anticipated as we had to cancel it twice due to sickness in our family and the other family.  Nathan's very good friend from first grade, Caleb and his brother Emmit were happy to have him stay the night at their house.  They have a nice amount of property, so the boys would have lots of area to roam.  Nathan even brought his tent but it did start to rain quite a bit.  So the boys decided to camp out in the living room instead.

Here are the boys roaming the property and shooting gliding airplanes.  They also climbed the barn via a nearby tree.  Just look at Nathan's facial expression on all photos.  He is so very happy.

The boys playing a math game.  This is Nathan's newest thing (to point fingers like guns at people).  

Settling down, while watching Narnia and munching on popcorn.

Nathan just had such a wonderful time.  He wanted us to get a barn so he could climb it.  :-)  I'm pretty sure he wants some brothers now as well....  It was just so very kind of Ann to take Nathan in for the night and the following day, where Nathan got to visit their church and go to a potluck and also meet another one of their friends.  All this boy-time was great for him, who is "stuck" with all of us girls who do not understand his warring boy nature that must shoot down planes and climb up things and conquer.  Thankfully Caleb and Emmit did.  :-)


  1. Das Kopfkissen kommt mir bekannt vor :-)
    Wie man sieht hat es ihm gefallen

  2. Ja, das ist von dir. Und ja, ich wundere mich ob er ueberhaupt heim kommen wollte.... :-)