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Monday, June 30, 2014

Abby's 2014 Ballet Recital - Ex Nihilo - Out of Nothing

Abby started her first ballet lessons this year.  She dances at a Christian ballet school and in addition to learning classical ballet, they also learn about God.  The lessons go along with the school year and then they have three rehearsals in the summer and then the big recital to end the year.  The lower school recital told the story of creation.  There were flowers and birds (adorable!), butterflies, water, air, seasons, etc.  It was very creative and the costumes were fantastic!  Each class told a little bit of the story.  
Abigail enjoyed ballet, although we do not know if she is passionate about it.  But after her recital, she was so happy, she cried tears of joy.  So that was worth every penny of it.  :-)  Besides, we loved the way she looked as a beautiful little Monarch butterfly. 
We had invited our family as well as dear friends.  There were quite a few of us: Auntie Megan and Olive, Uncles Chris and Mike, Grandma, Tanya-Hannah-Abigail Matson, Kathy-Millie-Madison Gustufson, Margie Porter and of course, Dada, myself, Isabelle, Nathan and Hannah.
The event was set up great.  They even had a cookie sale and the parents could send cookies with notes backstage to their daughters.  We chose a heart cookie that had "love" written on it.  On the wrapper we wrote: "Abigail, You are God's beautiful butterfly.  We are so very proud of you."  Dada was also able to purchase beautiful hydrangeas here for Abby.

As is expected with a newborn, Hannah had to be fed during the performance.  After coming out of the restroom, I surprisingly found Abigail with one of the younger teachers (Miss Emily).  Apparently her leg was hurting badly.  It reminded me that she has intense stage fright. This totally shocked us the first time we realized it since she is usually so outgoing and wants to perform in front of her family.  Together with other dancers, we tried to encourage her to dance.  We told her that her friend Abigail had even brought her a Playdoh set but she couldn't have it until she performed and that Olive and dada had a little something for her (flowers).  Dad came out too as he was looking for me, always giving me the opportunity to see these important events.  He came to take Hannah so mom could see Abby dance.  We talked to her for a bit and when Abby heard who all had come to support her and how special everyone was making it, she jumped up and ran off to dance, all the other dancers following trying to keep the momentum going.
Abigail did good during her performance.  She even spotted dad and Hannah at the door and waved to them.  She remembered her steps and when the lead girl forgot, she helped her back into position.  She looked so incredibly beautiful and graceful as she was dancing.

She was so excited when she was released.  She received flowers from her dad (blue hydrangeas) and flowers from Olive which incidentally had Monarch butterflies on the wrapper and one inside the flowers.  That was really funny because Megan and Olive did not remember that she was a butterfly until they saw her.

After she was released and as Auntie Megan started to take pictures, Abby started to cry.  I asked her why she was crying and she said: "Because I'm so happy.  This is the first time I cry because I'm so happy.  I've never done this before."  When asked why she was so happy she replied: "Because everyone is making it so special."  It was so sweet.  A moment that will long linger in my heart.  
Abigail truly is God's beautiful butterfly.

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