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Friday, July 25, 2014

Life with Hannah

Wow!  Time has been flying by and I have not posted anything on poor Hannah!  Well, she's a joy to have.  She is so very patient and almost never cries.  Only when she is hungry or is going to sleep.  And even then, it is just a gentle crying.  Not anywhere close to a crying that makes you want to crawl out of your skin.  She had a hard time the first two weeks but I suspect her tummy was giving her troubles.  We were just about ready to take her in for an acid reflux check and then everything got better and she stopped spitting up Exorcist style.
Hannah is just starting to smile.  She smiled at Grandma first and now slowly for the rest of us.  She has the biggest toothless smile when she does smile - it is fantastic.  She likes to smile a lot with Abigail too.
Dad and I finally are getting used to her being "Hannah" and we stopped calling her "Isabelle" (along with "whatever your name is").
Hannah is now also lifting up her head.  She's still a genuine bobble-head doll at times but is VERY proud of herself when we sit on the couch at night and she sits up (with our help) and holds her head up by herself.  It's really cute to watch.  She's my first who actually enjoys tummy-time.  Not always but often.  The baby-acne is thankfully gone but she does struggle with cradle-cap and severely dry skin in her face.  I have to lotion all day long with the good stuff.
We also started our adventures in cloth-diapering and so far, so good.  It's actually not at all as much work as I thought it would be.
Hannah's eyes are still bright blue and we are wondering if she will be our first to keep blue eyes.  We shall see.  Her hair is still beautiful read.
Her personality is so very sweet.  She is a big time snuggler.  She would love to be held all day but she doesn't complain when she is hanging our in her car seat or bouncer, as long as she is around us.  When she can't see us, she gets cranky.  She still nozzles her face in my neck when I hold her over my shoulder (her favorite way for me to hold her).  As for dad, he has a special way to have her lay on his legs in the evening and it never fails to make her go poop.  :-)  I'm sure he loves me writing about this.
And last but not least, she's our chunky monkey.  She is quite chubby and that is what happens when you start out at 9lbs!  We just love her so very much.

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