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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Abby's Tea Party

 Abigail loves tea parties.  I started having them after an Apples of Gold participation for bible studies at our home.  And Abby has taken quite a liking to them, enjoying to help me decorate my tables.  Recently she started asking me if she could have her own.  She's had one or two with cousin Olive and Rosie and Grandma and Megan but she had something a little bit more planned in mind.  A while back we bought her a really great tea party book, "Let's have a tea party" by Emilie Barnes.  The first one we bought at a garage sale was missing pages.  A month ago we finally bought a complete copy.  Abby picked a garden-themed tea party as her first official tea party.  We picked some things to do that were within our budget and made a guest list.  She colored pansy-shaped invitations and wrote half of them out (for Aunt Megan, Rosie, Olive and Grandma).  We made a "stick-the-tail-on-the-donkey" in the shape of "put-the-bees-on-the-flower" game out of a flower we drew on paper and then printed some bees off the internet.  Those were glued on yellow sticky papers and then colored by Abigail and Isabelle.
The day of her party, Abigail took a bath and got Isabelle all cleaned up as well.  Then she went on to do both of their hair and selecting dresses for both of them.   Giggling they danced downstairs to present themselves to me and explaining all the hair doings and dress selections.  Abby even put a bunch of clips in Isabelle's hair (you can scarcely see them).

Here is how Abby dressed herself and Isabelle.  Even Bear got dressed up in a very special dress.  And Abby tried to straighten her hair using Isabelle's brush!  Bad girl.  :-)

I helped Abigail set the table.  We chose Oma's new table cloth, my green and white china along with Abby's two cups and saucers.  Both fit the garden theme perfectly as they had flowers on them.  On the table you also see the garden-themed scavenger hunt we printed out.  The girls started but enthusiasm quickly faded as more exciting games were suggested. Abigail had also decided on raspberry-pomegranate tea as our main tea.  So that is what is in the tea pot.

Abby's snack she wanted to serve was bug cookies.  Here are all the different "bugs" Abby made.
As the guests arrived, we were fortunate enough to have Grace (Nate's sister) join us as well.  And she even brought more dress-up clothes!  What fun.

All the little girls hovering over little Hannah who is somewhere underneath them in the bouncer.  They ooh-ed and aah-ed over her all day, especially Grace and Rosie who loves babies.  Rosie is in love with baby Hannah.  It will be neat to see how their relationship will develop as they get older.

Abigail also decorated each place setting with either hydrangea leaves or strawberry leaves.  We had hydrangea flowers and white phlox decorating the table and aunt Megan brought lovely pink carnations.  Blueberries were not only a nice splash of color, they were also very, very yummy.  The girls at some point decided to add them to their tea.  From the left-overs I gather this was not a successful food combination.

The tea party started with all the girls sitting at the table, having tea, various fruits and a cookie.  It was hard for Abby to not pick first and to let ALL the other girls pick first.  In the end, she got her favorite cookie anyway.  As soon as everyone had eaten, they dashed off and dressed up with the great clothes Grace had brought along.  They added some of their own and the bigger girls helped all the little ones to dress up.  As you can see from the pictures below, they had a blast.

From left (because maybe one day the cousins will be like: "Wow!  That is Rosie???"):  Rosie, Isabelle, Grace, Olive and Abby.  The kitty ears are one of the fantastic gifts from Olive's recent birthday party where her other grandma, Jen, made all the kids some kitty ears and tails.  Abby is holding her kitty tail in her hands.

From left: Tinkerbell, Elsa (Frozen), Rapunzel, Strawberry Shortcake and pink kitty.  All accessorized by Abby as well with various purses, magic wands and the likes.

Auntie Megan with Hannah.  Megan is such a great Aunt and the kids just love her.  She is fun and creative and knows kids so well.  She studied to be a teacher and that is obviously a wise choice for anyone wanting to be a mom some day.  Auntie Megan helped a lot with taking care of the girls, especially when they all decided to go into the pool.  She is also starting to enjoy my favorite Chai tea.  Well, not my favorite but the easiest one to make.

Grandma also came for the party.  She enjoyed spending time with all her grand babies and of course the cookies.  Grandma looooovvvveeeesss cookies.  :-)  And babies.  And grandkids in general.

The girls ended the tea party in the pool.  They all had a blast and just a little too much sugar (evidenced in the picture here).  All in all, they had a great party, and all got along so well with each other.  I don't think any of them ever got left out either.  
Nathan played with Nate while the girls were doing all these girly things that he has no understanding for.  :-)  Nate and Nathan were sure to play real manly things, like wrestling, swimming, and other such guy stuff.
And Abigail is already planning her next party.  As long as we don't run out of summer....

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  1. Sehr schö sehr schön, hatten bestimmt viel Spaß und werden lange daran denken.
    Eine sehr gute Idee. Die Mädchen sehen sehr hübsch aus in ihren Kleidern. :-)