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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Beach Trip 2014

 Thanks to Oma, we were granted another fabulous trip to the beach.  We decided to our favorite beach, Cape Lookout on the Oregon Coast.  We drove through Tillamook, Oregon and spent the night in Tillamook, just 15 minutes from the beach.  

One of our favorite places to stop: the Blue Heron in Tillamook.  It is a really neat shop with all kinds of food, ice cream, treats and animals.  And this great cut-out of animals that my kids love posing as.

If you ever wondered what those weird contraptions in hotels were there for, here is your answer.  And you thought they were to place your suitcase!  Silly you!  And yes, I absolutely love Keen shoes for my kids.  Perfect for beaches, fishing, and any other day you may need a good sandal.  Plus, Abby has never ever managed to ruin one.  Pretty impressive.  Especially since she just managed to break her first Saltwater sandals.

Sandangels.  I had sand in every piece of laundry we brought back.  Especially the clothes that Abby got wet and then made sand angels with.  But the girls love doing this.  Abby had so much sand in her hair.

The nifty little pop-up tent my mom's money purchased for Hannah (or Hanny as we call her).  It protects her from the sun, especially since she is too little for sunscreen.  And the older kids can use it later to play with in the backyard or in their rooms.  Copper had so much fun on this trip.  He loved being with us everywhere.  We are really glad we took him along.  He was so happy and got lots of exercise.  He also hurt his tail but the dink in it went away after a few days.  

Nathan and Abby splashing in the ocean.  David is with them and the water is still very shallow.  There were some kids really deep in the water and they made me very nervous.  Not looking forward to the day when Nathan and Abby are that age, going to the beach with their friends and making not so wise choices.

Beach, glorious beach.

Copper came along on this trip as well and he loved it.  He didn't go to the bathroom for a long time. We kept taking him to places and gave him his "pee or poop" command but it took him a long time.  Finally he went.  He absolutely loved the beach.  The only thing that was disappointing was that Dave had looked up and found that all Oregon beaches allowed dogs to run off-leash.  When we got to Cape Lookout though, it stated that he had to be on the leash.  That made for less exercise.  Later on we ran into people who told us as long as we have control over the dog, most people let them run.  So we did.  :-)  That way he got tons of exercise.

Little girl and the ocean.  Isabelle was very tired and torn about coming with me to the water.  She finally decided to come along.  She did get scared of the water.

Cutie Pie.

Dada and the little tiny one.

This is such a great feeling, toes covered in sandy water.  It always amazed me how you can walk on the beach but if you stand for a little while, your feet start to sink.

Cape Lookout is a great beach.  The beach is sandy, they have cliffs (little ones), trees, hiking paths, a campground, and not many people go there.

On our way home we found a really great campground park, Fort Stevens.  We wanted to remember it for next time as it had great campground, wonderful biking routes, a historic site, a lake for fishing and a playground.  Here we are visiting the historic site, Battery Russell David.  It was neat to be seeing it because Nathan and I have been watching lots of documentaries on WWI and WWII.  Battery Russell and the Fort it is in, according to a memorial stone, is the first fort that was attacked by sea (from Japanese) since the war of 1812. We had lots of questions because unfortunately no markers are there to guide you.  Nevertheless, it was neat to walk through and take guesses.  Plus, we found a website once we got home and were able to have many questions answered.

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