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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Miscellaneous Summer Notes

For Nathan this was definitely the summer of friends.  Nathan wanted to play with his friends every day if he could have.  The ones seen at our house mostly were William, Treuce, Nate and Owen.  This particular day both Owen and Nate were here and the boys had a great time.

Nate and Nathan became really good friends over the summer.  Besides going to each other's houses, they also played spring baseball and fall baseball together and Nate's dad even took them to a Mariner's game.  David took them both out on a fishing trip with uncle Chris where they had a blast.

We also saw Olive and Olive loved swimming this year.  She definitely enjoyed our pool and our kids loved splashing around with her.  Look at the cutie smiles she sports.

Isabelle practicing her swim moves.  I love this picture.  Love how she has her chin almost a foot out of the water.

Abby lost two teeth over the summer.  She still has them in a little tooth container and will not render them to the tooth fairy.  She also spent the beginning of summer tracing animals.

Lorena's sister Karen came to visit and we got to meet her.  I guess the boys hadn't seen her in 30 years!  It was a wonderful time visiting and it was really good for Lorena.  Her and Karen reconnected and they even took a trip to the beach.

Rosie, Rosie, cute little Rosie.  She is just too cute.

Isabelle and Grace, Nate's sister.  The girls love their Grace.  Abby squeals when she first sees her at the ball field.

Little Hannah hanging out outside while all the other kids swim.  She didn't seem to enjoy outside as much as Isabelle used to.  She definitely doesn't like the heat we've had this summer.

I can't remember what I did but Dave vacuumed for me!   I think I was sick.  What a guy.  Thanks, my man.

Nathan and David took a bike ride together.  During the ride, David showed Nathan how to pop a wheelie.  Nathan was so impressed that David couldn't stop doing them, desiring greatly to impress his son.  He ended up falling backwards on his wrist.  It wasn't broken, unfortunately.  I say this because it would have been less painful for my husband.  It has been weeks and he is hurting badly.  But at least they had fun while the girls and I played at a local playground/water feature.  That was Nathan's last trip on a much too small bike.  :-)  My mom bought him a new bike.  That Oma!

Happy kids at home.  That is what summer is for me.  I love summer.  School starts again next week and I'm very sad.  I don't want to send them away.  I want them to stay home.  I envy home schoolers.  

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