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Friday, August 15, 2014

Nathan Hosts His First Sleep-Over

 Ever since Nathan had his first sleep-over, he's been begging me for more.  Since the O-boys had him over, we asked if they'd like to stay the night at our house.  The boys were pretty excited.  At long last the day arrived.  Nathan must have asked me every hour when his friends would arrive.  He had also asked for pizza for dinner and wanted to play the Wii as well as go swimming.

The boys hopped in the pool pretty much right away.  Emmit and Nathan stayed the longest, they were not tiring of the water that day.  Caleb would have periods where he came out and spent some time talking to me.  Both of the boys are so very nice and I really enjoyed the conversations with Caleb.  It was strange though since Nathan is a boy of very few words when it comes to conversations.  Caleb on the other hand was very easy to talk to.

Nathan and Emmit in the water.  The three have a really good dynamic too.  We've always talked to Nathan to make sure to not exclude Emmit when he was younger.  Now the age difference isn't so big anymore and all of them truly enjoy each others' company.

After a lot of swimming, the boys asked to watch "Lego Ninjago".  I hadn't even realized there were new shows and it started another Ninjago epidemic in my house.  Pretty sure we are mostly over it now.  Let's now count the chickens before they hatch though. 

This was the most fun event of the night to me.  I had the kids take bites out of a lime.  Love Abby's face here.

Caleb found this to be non-challenging.  His eyes were a little wide but he definitely was not that affected by the sourness of the lime.  I started to doubt its potency until....

Yep!  Still makes me laugh when I see that picture.  Just love it.

Emmit also was not that challenged by the sour taste.  This contest goes to the O-boys.

David made a fire in our pit and we had the kids roast marshmallows and make s'mores.  We also let them each have one soda, which just about made Nathan's day.  It is amazing these kids even went to bed after all that sugar.

David had suggested they watch "The Sandlot" and the boys loved the movie.  They were laughing and giggling the whole time.  Just look at Emmit's face on this picture.  He was still giggling minutes after the last joke.  And more junk food - chips.  :-)

All in all, another successful sleepover.  Nathan loved having his friends over.

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  1. Ohhhhh der arme Dave, hatte AUA am Händchen
    Nathans und Abbys Gesichter sind Klasse :-)