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Friday, August 15, 2014

Summer Parades

 The town next to us has a fantastic summer parade every year.  And what makes it even better is that we get a lot of people together.  Aunt Megan, uncle Rusty, Rosie and Olive come every year and then Megan's great mom and some of her family members usually come as well.  Mitch (Jen's husband and Megan's dad) could not make it this year and we missed his hilarious comments.  Mitch always makes us laugh.  Plus, he is the only person we know who appreciates the job of the "pooper scooper" behind the horses in parades.  No one ever cheers for these great servants.  Except Mitch.  And ever since, we have also appreciate these volunteers.  And of course the kids LOVE their cousins.  So hanging out with them was a lot of fun.  Bethany and Betsy (Megan's best friend and her daughter) joined as well as Jessica and Cody (Megan's sister and her husband).  We are very fond of Megan's family.  It is really nice to get together with them.

Here is our little set-up.  We are also strategically located in front of a fast-food place.  Yum-yum and bathrooms close by.  :-)  Abby and Olive are peeking to see when the parade is starting.

Dada and Hannah (it's her first parade - just in case you didn't realize that...)  All the kids were dressed in red, white and blue.  Well, except now that I say that, I realize that Nathan changed his outfit!  He's not wearing blue!  Sneaky boy.  

I styled Nathan's hair that day and I solemnly swear it looked better than that.  Either way, he was really excited about his hair.  Oma brought him some gel and he loves getting his hair styled.

Pretty little Olive and Abby.  Those two have become so close.  It is wonderful seeing their relationship blossom.  Hopefully they will be close when they grow up.  Hoping Megan and Rusty will not up and move away!

Our newest addition, a metal cart.  Love that thing.  It is so very useful for a big family.  And it folds nicely to be stored in the trunk.  Best of all, it is a favorite for little ones to be pulled in.  Olive and Isabelle enjoyed this ride.

On the way back from the parade, we hit a little playground area that also has a water feature.  The kids loved ending parade day this way.  And the weather was great.

So long, peeps!  See you next year.

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