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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Baby Hannah

I've been told multiple times that Hannah looks just like the baby models for Hanna Andersson clothing company.  Which is funny because we've since discovered our love for those outfits because they accommodate cloth diapers so well.  And Abby loves them because they are just plain comfy.  This is a hat I knitted for Hannah that Isabelle loves to steal and wear herself.  :-)  Stealing each other's clothes already....

Hannah is such a great baby to have as number #4.  Of course this can change quickly but for now, she is perfect and pleasant and easy-going.  She has been pretty much sleeping through the night until recently.  She hit the four-month sleep regression and after a little talk, we agreed that mom not getting enough sleep is a bad idea for everyone.  Hannah agreed and the next night she slept through again.  :-) But suddenly she started to nurse at night.  Twice, which is normal for her age but unusual for her.  It just makes for hard days with less sleep.  Less sleep, less work gets done, and I get moody and it just all is downhill from there.  It is funny how sleep is the one constant I can't be without.  I can break my tea-drinking habit, eat crappy food for a while and even do without much needed exercise (quite well I might add) but take away my sleep - it breaks me.  Hopefully it is just a growth spurt.

Just look at those cheeks!

Hannah is just a content little one.  She is always pleasant, doesn't complain and only cries when she is tired or hungry.  Or has to burp.  She hates burping.  Hates it.  She loves her siblings and has the biggest, toothless smiles for them.  She talks up a storm in the morning when we are all in the car driving.  It is like she wants to be part of her siblings' conversations.  Her sisters and brother delight in her.  Abigail could sit and talk with her for hours and Nathan never misses an opportunity to walk by, come back, squeeze her cheeks and move on.  Nathan also has a new thing where he taps her nose twice and tells her how cute she is.  He will also randomly come up to me and tell me: "Hannah is so cute/adorable."  Isabelle is constantly giving her "one more huggy and kissy" (hugs and kisses).  Copper and Daisy are starting to get Hannah's attention as well.  She will look at them temporarily and track them.

Love this picture of Nathan and Hannah.  Notice Nathan's new hairdo. 

Abby has her very own "Hannah-voice".  It is a high-pitched tone of voice she uses only with Hannah.  Hannah makes Abigail happy.  :-)

Baby still has her beautiful red hair, her blue, blue eyes and is a chunky little monkey.  She has little rolls on her tummy and it seems as though the skin on her tummy is too big for her.  She is overall squishy.  :-)  Her neck is ticklish if you kiss just the right spot.  Although she usually doesn't make giggling sounds she does so on occasion.  Hitting that right spot on her neck is one way to get her to giggle.  Nathan walking down the stairs behind her and talking to her is another.  It was actually the loudest we've ever heard her laugh.  We work hard to get her to laugh.  She doesn't mind wearing hats and likes the Ergo carrier.  (She didn't like the Moby when she was a newborn).  I love her fuzzy hair on top, it is so soft (according to Isabelle and indeed it is).   We all love to stroke our hands over it and rub it.  Will it be curly like Abby's or straight as Isabelle's?

Her hands are working great now.  While they can't do just everything she wants them to, she is able to grab objects in a wildly frantic way and shove them toward her mouth.  She's got that down pretty well.  She loves this bear from Germany.    The other day she grabbed her feet for the first time.  She's growing too fast!

There is that smile!  It just cracks me up.  

Hannah loves to snuggle.  She tries to gently touch my face, is starting to pull herself toward me and is just a mama-please-hold-me-girl without the crying that goes along with some babies when mom doesn't hold them.   She always has a smile for me, even when she's not well or really tired.  One of our routines is that when she wakes up, I go up to her and ask her with a big smile and an excited voice: "Is it you?  Are you awake?" It is answered with the day's biggest toothless, gummy smile that is only underlined by those big chubby cheeks!  Which then in return makes me smooch her all over.  It's rough being a mama, I'll tell ya.  But somebody's gotta do the dirty work.

Look at those baby blues!  It's funny because I've always been glad to see my kids' eyes change to brown as it is my favorite eye color (yes, my husband has the deepest brown eyes you've ever seen....).  But with Hannah I'm ok with her keeping blue ones.  They are really pretty and not that other blue ones aren't, it is just a change for me.

Love, love, love baby toes.  Especially the ones in our house.  Hannah has the longest little toes (can't see it good here because they are curled).  They are an almost exact copy of her daddies, just miniature.  That too amuses me.

Isabelle had me take about 20 shots of her and "Hanny" together.  We all call her "Hanny" now but it was Isabelle who named her that.  Isabelle liked having that kind of power so much, she'd like to call her "Hanty" now.  We informed her that this was not going to happen!

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