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Wednesday, October 1, 2014


"If you touch my toys, I'm going to be so not happy!"

"Do you hab a mola gar?" (granola bar)

"If you ___, I'm going to be soooo mad!"  (Thanks for the heads' up.)

"I lub you" (I love you)

"When are Nay-nay and Abby coming home?"  (Ask continually until 3pm when they actually come home...)

"I'm a baby ______" (Insert at regular intervals: Kangaroo, crocodile, cheetah or other miscellaneous animals.)

When asked if she is any of the above after pretending to be them all day:
"I'm not any of them!  I'm just Isabelly!"

"Mommy, I know your name.  It's mama."

"MAMA!!!! I'M DONE!!!!" (As in, I'm done on the potty come RIGHT NOW!)

"I'm gonna name baby Hannah "Hanty""

"Do you hab some buddlegum?" (bubblegum)

"Was that funny?"

"When's ________ gonna come?"

"I wanna wear my knitting shirt" (the dress I knitted her a while back)

"I don't wanna go potty."  and "I don't wanna go night-night."  (accompanied by foot-stomping and loud wails)

"I'm not hungry anymore."  (Whenever the perfect food is not served...  And then we'll ask for snacks for the rest of the day.)

Ah, and then there is the typical 3-year old non-stop talking.  My favorite.  :-)  Seriously, non-stop.  I think I'll send her to dad next time and ask her to tell him the story.  :-)

When writing favorites below:
Mama: "Isabelle, where else do you like to go?"
Isabelle: "The hotel."

Wild Kratts TV show
Animal toys
Baby dolls
Knitted dress
Chickadee PJs (shorts and t-shirt)
Song: The B-I-B-L-E
Cream cheese by itself, avocado, mandarins
Chocolate milk and Capri Sun
Taking baths with Abby
Writing letters on dry-erase board
Olive and Rosie
Aunts and uncles
Reading books with mom at bedtime
Getting wisker-kisses from dad
Playing with Abby (it is still hard for her that Abby is in school all day)
Ballet with Abby
Having her picture taken
Grandma and Oma
Frozen blueberries
Going to Grampy's
Playing with Grace (Nate's sister from Nathan's baseball team)

Not so Favorites
Washing her hair
Going potty
Going to bed
Brushing teeth or hair when it is knotted

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