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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Mabby Day 2014

As always, our last week before school includes a day just with mom (and Hanny this year) where we do all kinds of special things.  It usually solicits a response similar to this:

To the left is the beloved bear, who inexplicably is still held together by the thinnest fabric you may have ever seen.  It may be thinner than your nylons.  To the right is Mimsy, a rainbow colored bunny who has become a favorite over the beloved lamb in recent months (sorry, Matze & Mandy).

Usually Mabby, Dabby, Dathan or Mathan days revolve around the kids and things they love to do.  This year, I wanted to add a little service to it.  So they got to choose one person from a list and a random act of kindness from another list.  Abigail chose our friend Kim, who is a real sunshine, and wanted to bring her a "bag of sunshine".  So we went to the Dollar Store and picked all kinds of yellow things that Abby thought Kim would like.  Unless it was completely unreasonable, I let Abby pick.  She picked a ton of things in the cleaning isle, so hopefully Kim isn't thinking that there is an underlying message there.....

Abby even decorated her backs and we had some scripture verses from Ann Voskamp (sandwich wrappers) that we hung from the flowers Abigail had picked.

And then there was frozen yogurt!  If you want to tickle Abby pink, this is the way to go.  She loves all the frozen yogurt places with all their tantalizing toppings.  It is so funny from a girl who didn't like ice cream for the longest time.  I mean really, what kid doesn't like ice cream?  Or french fries (Nathan!)?

This had been an exciting morning for Hannah, so she took a break.  Cute baby face with those giant cheeks.  I love it!!! 

Of course the library was on our list.  Don't you just love the way she made herself comfortable?  Abigail still loves books as much as ever.  Although she also loves the library computer games.  I'm glad today she chose to read instead.  I've been trying to do more with her hair.  Learning to braid and such.  Isabelle won't let me do anything to her hair.  So Abby is my obvious victim.  :-)

Somewhere along the way we got this second hand book.  It is a series Abigail likes.  But for the life of me, I can't remember where. (Abigail later reminded me with her super memory that we purchased the book at a local second hand store for clothes.)

These are Abby's favorite books: Junie B. Jones.  She read all but one which we have a hold on at the library.

Hanny woke up!  And is enjoying her pink teddy from Kathrin and Sandersche.  Smooch that baby!!!

Of course Chuckie Cheese was also on the list.  Abigail still likes carousels, so this one was no different, even though it was a little small.  She loved being here and played a lot of the little kids' games.

Another treat for her day, we had saved up some money for her to spend on craft supplies.  Since it was the start of the school year, we got all this really cheap.  

We had a great time together and although we had a little money to do things, it was just plain fun to hang out together.  And a little frozen yogurt always helps.  :-) 
I am missing Abigail greatly at home.  She is my little helper and with her being at school every day, all day, it has put a little strain on the kids' relationships as they get used to different routines.  Isabelle waits all day to play with Abby and Abby just wants to have a few minutes to relax, so you can see how that ends in tears....  Hopefully everyone will adjust shortly.

My favorite part of the day was watching Abby decorating her bags of sunshine on the floor of the van and then also enjoying frozen yogurt together.

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