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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Mathan Day 2014

 I was really looking forward to Mathan Day this year.  We had planned on going bow and arrow shooting at a local range that we found just a week prior to going.  It was perfect!  Nathan had so much fun and there was an old gentleman who took pleasure in teaching Nathan.  The old man of course shot a simple wooden bow with wooden arrows.  Nathan learned really fast and did great.  He quickly improved and shot all across the hall.  We spent probably 2-3 hours there with Nathan not tiring until the very end.

All that bow and arrow shooting made the boy quite hungry, so we headed to Wendy's for burgers.  That is Nathan's favorite food by the way, hamburger with just ketchup and bacon, if available.

After lunch, naturally we went for frozen yogurt.  Just like his sister, he loves the frozen yogurt places where you can choose from multiple different flavors and toppings.  As you can see, he likes candy corn and marshmallow.  To a former German, those are both odd choices. 

I can't believe how big this boy is.  He is above my shoulder now.  Where has the time gone from the little boy who adored rocks and walked so early?  The last few years have really been blurs so I try to soak up these moments, especially with the male of the species, which is so foreign to me.  But now that I am looking more at the picture, I seem to focus on the frozen yogurt and its creaminess is calling my name.  Yum.  Must.look.away.

After hearing about all the fun his sister had at Chuckie Cheese's, Nathan wanted to go to.  He spent all of his time in the big boy section and we threw footballs, basketballs, shot skeletons and so on.

A hug from Chuckie.  Still not too old for this.  :-)
Also, the hat Nathan is wearing is his pride and joy.  His dad won it at a baseball clinic and it is a hat from the winning team of the 2012 Little League World Series.  Nathan is very proud of it.

Nathan loves football.  He would love to play it but it freaks his dad and I out.  We are worried about concussions, broken bones, and the likes.

Hannah wasn't going to be left out and played with her teddy.  Yummy!  Just look at all that squishy baby yumminess.  I want to go wake her up right now and smooch her!

Nathan was really nice and spent some of his winnings on his sisters.  He brought Isabelle some candy which she loves and Abby a bracelet.  Having such a selection is often agonizing to Nathan.  While Abigail can pick instantly and never regrets her choice, Nathan takes a very long time and then still second-guesses himself.

His service project was Ann Voskamp's Gratitude Jar.  We went to Goodwill and he took great care picking just the right jar for grandma.  It was really cute watching him decide between the different jars.  

He did a fantastic job picking just the right one for Grandma.  Grandma loves flowers and purple and so this one was perfect.

It was another wonderful Mathan Day and I'm really looking forward to next year's.  Although I don't like them to grow up, it is nicer each year spending special time together.  As they get older, we can talk much better and enjoy their increased maturity.   Their personalities show themselves more and we can take pleasure is guessing who and what they will become one day.  My favorite part of the day was the bow and arrow shooting followed closely by Nathan picking the gratitude jar. 

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  1. Na haste dein Sohn umbenannt in Mathan HIHI
    Nathan ist ein hübcher Junge, ich liebe ihn :-)