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Thursday, October 2, 2014

So Much Like Me - OLD POST

I just found a bunch of drafts and realized that this was never posted.  So here it is, so Nathan always has it.

I have always regarded my children as a gift. They are given to me temporarily and I am privileged to walk along them for a duration of time. To think that they are actually a part of me is still just such an overwhelming thought. It is incomprehensible.
During Nathan's soccer season, I struck me how much he was like me. That seemed strange to me. I've always seen him, if anything, as a little David. He has always looked so much like his father. And his character was so much like his father's. 
The original thought was that Nathan is a natural defender when he plays soccer. That is how I played basketball. Watching him, it struck me that he may have this character trait from his mother. For the next few weeks this thought, that my son may actually be similar to me, kept occupying my mind. It was quite amusing how many similarities we have. Here are some of the traits that came to mind:

When first starting school, he was quite the perfectionist. He had to learn that it was ok to make mistakes.
He is a very picky eater. He wants to always eat the perfect food. That is why he will eat the same school lunch every day. If given a choice, he will not venture to a new food for fear that it could be a bad choice.
He examines his food before he eats it and if we let him, he'll pick all the "unacceptable" parts off.
Although he is so young, the little man is very hard on himself and has high expectations of himself.
He can listen to you intently without ever acknowledging you. You may even think he is ignoring you. But he is listening - very intently.
He has a nervous personality.
He has a cautious nature. Rather than throwing himself in head first, he watches things first.
He is very afraid of "bad guys".
He is very drawn to God. He naturally gravitates toward Him.
He works best by himself.
He is competitive. A force he needs to learn how to wield...

Obviously some of these traits he also shares with his father. However, they are also traits that at least I think are very dominant in me.

Being a parent is truly a gift from God. It is His revelation of love to the parent. I hope that I can always see this, always appreciate this. There are days when I am not a patient parent. When I am very impatient and stressed and do not take this privilege for what it is. I am more interested in cleaning the house than taking the moments. My hope is that I will learn before they grow too old and leave for their own lives. These babies are so precious to me. They are the best gifts that were ever given to me.

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