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Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Last of Summer

These are the last pictures of summer.  We had great weather and summer itself is stretching well into October.  It was a really busy summer and we did lots as a family.

Hannah in her Ergo, just hanging out.  Big cheeks and little red hats.

Nathan and Abby took advantage of our pool all summer.  The last few days though, they grew tired of it.  It was our last year with this pool, as it had a leak on the bottom and we couldn't find it.

Abby making good use of Isabelle's floating island.

I loved how well the kids got along, especially toward the end of summer.

Obviously the big news this summer is Hannah!

And baby smiles were the biggest news!

Olive and Abby are such good friends.  I love seeing them together.  Here they are giggling at one of Abby's videos on her Leappad.

Abby is going to school full-time now, which makes time with Olive even more precious.

Little Rosie.  Megan rightfully calls her "little shrimp".  Seems as though Hannah is bigger than her.

A free local fair for kids that we went to together with Nate.  We go here every year.  They even have free archery, face painting, bouncy houses, a ride and much more.

Love Isabelle's expression.

Nathan and Nate battling it out.
Isabelle always slides down like this.  

Just a few pictures that I wanted to include on the blog for the kids to remember.

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