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Saturday, November 1, 2014

This Truly Happened

When Abigail is sick, she can get overly emotional.  So much so that it becomes so unreasonable, it makes me smile.  Such an event happened last night.
Abigail has been sick for a week now and was not able to go trick-or-treating.  While she was ok with that, it was hard for her to not see cousins Olive and Rosie.  She did great though after dad, Nathan and Grandma left (Isabelle and Hannah were sick as well).  We baked pumpkin cinnamon rolls, read Charlotte's Web, they played old arcade games on the Wii.  While we were baking, Abigail went to the bathroom.  After a few minutes, she returned crying.  When asked what happened, she whimpered that she had found the nicest little bug in the bathroom and dropped him.  He was still alive but then she tried to gently pick him up and killed him while doing so.  You must understand that this was a little red microscopic bug.  Literally no bigger than a pencil tip.  She aptly named him "Teeny" and held him in her hand and there was no consoling her.  She finally was comforted somewhat by the thought of making a nice burial for the bug.  She picked one of my nice cloth napkins for the gruesome task..  Then she wailed again.  Abigail had dropped the bug yet again and was not able to find her beloved new friend who had vanished on our carpet.  She wailed for a good 20 minutes.  Inconsolable.  After a while, she found new purpose in making him a sign for his grave.  She spent a lot of time on this sign, taped it to a sturdy popsicle stick and went out in the cold and rain to put it up at the grave side.  After this she was still sad but was able to continue on with life.
Lesson learned:  Do not read Charlotte's Web to an overly sick and emotional little tender-hearted redhead.

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