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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas Questionnaire 2014

Favorite Song - Silent Night
Favorite Candy - Skittles, no wait!  Twix
Favorite Cookie - Chocolate Chip
Favorite Show - Prep and Landing
Favorite Light Color - Green
Favorite Tradition - Sing Christmas songs, no wait!  Actually read Christmas books
Hot Cocoa or Tea - Cocoa
Fake Tree or Real - Real
Favorite Board Game - Dungeons and Dragons
Favorite Christmas Book - Three Wise Men (That's just one book.  I had a bunch of favorites so I just took one.)
Favorite Tree Ornament - Picture of me with star around it.  (Purple one grandma made one year with a picture of baby Nathan).
On My Wish List - Lego Hobbit, remote control car, Lego Star Wars
Favorite Advent Activity - Finding the Elf (our Elf this year hid and when found, revealed a heart-shaped paper that would have us do something for Christ while at the same time reminding us about an aspect of Christ)

Favorite Song - Deck the Halls...
Favorite Candy - Bubble gum
Favorite Cookie - Chocolate chip
Favorite Show - Rudolph's Shiny New Year
Favorite Light Color - Pink
Favorite Tradition - Decorate gingerbread train or house
Hot Cocoa or Tea - Stash's Raspberry Pomegranate tea
Fake Tree or Real - My pink fake tree
Favorite Board Game - Scavenger Hunt
Favorite Christmas Book - The song book that has all those Christmas songs
Favorite Tree Ornament - the one that says "Abigail's First Christmas" tied with kitty sleeping in a hat
On My Wish List - I phone (only for Furby app), coloring book and PJs
Favorite Advent Activity - Driving with hot cocoa and look at Christmas lights

Favorite Song - I like Jingle Bells
Favorite Candy - Chocolate
Favorite Cookie - I like the frosted ones
Favorite Show - Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer
Favorite Light Color - a flashlight
Favorite Tradition - Putting up the Christmas tree
Hot Cocoa or Tea - Hot tea
Fake Tree or Real - Fake Christmas tree
Favorite Christmas Book - Hmmmmm, Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer
Favorite Tree Ornament - hmmmm, a penguin (She just got this year from Oma).  Hmmm.
On My Wish List - Hmmm, maybe a book
Favorite Advent Activity - eat candy (wasn't in the Advent calendar)

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