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Monday, December 29, 2014


Oh, I'm just soooo behind on blogging.  In an effort to make myself feel less guilty about this, especially since it is Hannah's first year, here are some funnies:

During the Thanksgiving season, we are discussing eating the turkey.  Abigail is surprised that we'd be eating turkey.  This must be a shock to her since we eat it every Thanksgiving without fail.
Abby: "No!  We don't eat animals." (Huh?) "If we eat them, they can't have babies anymore!"
Isabelle: "Will we drink their blood?"

Mama: "Isabelly, why don't you say 'Happy Birthday' to Tanya today?"
Isabelle: "I only talk to her on Wednesdays."  

Isabelle eating a banana in its peel: "Mama, I can't eat the rest of the banana.  I don't eat stumps."

Isabelle sipping her chocolate milk: "Mama, did you know that chocolate milk tastes like bunny poop?"                           (No, I didn't.  I also didn't know you have tasted bunny poop before since you apparently know it tastes like chocolate milk....)

Mama: "Isabelly!  You are too cute!  I want to eat you!"
Isabelle: "No!"
Mama: "Why not?"
Isabelle with a worried look on her face: "Because you are a mommy and they eat lunch."

Mama giving Isabelle medicine which she is drinking very slowly.
Mama; "Drink the whole thing at once."
Isabelle: "Sometimes I have to breathe!"

It's hard to be so funny once you are past that special age.  Nathan however still manages me to laugh a lot.  I wish I could show you his latest invention, his Leprechaun skip.  In the meantime, this will have to do:

Nathan on why his Leprechaun skip is so funny: "It's because I'm such a cute pie."

Nathan, having had a broken finger for over a week: "Why does my finger hurt?"                       (Hmmmmm, let me think of why....)

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