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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Nathan, Helper Extraordinaire

Here you see my boy fixing my dining room chairs!  My lovely husband noticed that our chairs were wobbling.  He quickly took the first one and showed my son how to fasten the screws to make the chair sturdy again.  And then my son proceeded to fix the rest of the chairs by himself.  That was most definitely a proud mama and dada moment!  And he even did it with a broken finger. 

 Yes, he broke his finger.  At school.  They have scooters at PE and one of his friends lost control of his scooter and ran into Nathan's finger.  It is a break at the very tip of his finger that is, according to the orthopedist, likened to him crushing his finger (because of the kind of break and the soft-tissue damage).  He has now been out for 6 weeks and it is still not healed!  Tiny break that can't even be casted because of the location and soooo much trouble.  So much pain (for 5 solid weeks).  He just turned a corner with the pain where it doesn't hurt so much anymore.  He is still barred from all ball sports for another 4-6 weeks.  It's funny though (well, not really) because when David and I first heard of the scooters at school, we thought to ourselves: "Someone is going to break something."  Apparently we were right.  Just didn't realize it would be our own son....

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  1. Der große Helfer mit kaputten Finger :-)
    Wenn ich etwas zu reparieren habe, rufe ich ihn :-)
    Bin stolz auh ihn