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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Abby's Wild Kratts Birthday Party 2014

With all of my blog posts, let's just assume that they are late.  That way, there will be no more surprises on blog posts that are months late.  Like this one.

Abby's seventh birthday party.  (Where, oh where does the time go?)  She left it completely up to me as to what kind of a birthday party she would have and all she wanted was to be surprised.  There are quite a few routes this could have gone: Frozen, bunny-themed, kitty-themed, book-themed.  The possibilities were endless.  Unless of course you remember that there is also one eight-year old boy.  That drastically cuts down on the possibilities.  The one love all my children share is a TV show called Wild Kratts.  They used to love the older version where the brothers Kratts visit different habitats and the kids learn all about one animal per show.  The guys who are David and my age are goofy so the kids really enjoy watching them.  There is no potty humor and the show is educational.  A few years ago they updated their show and it is now mostly a cartoon, still starring the cartoon version of the brothers Kratts as well as three sidekicks and various villains.  The kids have learned a ton about animals and they run around pretending to be animals (Nathan's favorite is the beaver or any snake).  Even Isabelle can bond easily through this and understands enough to learn about animals.  It is nice to have something they can all bond over (although TV is usually always my least favorite choice - ask my husband, I have issues...).
In an effort to get Nathan to see Abby more as someone he needs to take care off, I asked him to help me with this task of planning a secret birthday theme.  He was very excited about Wild Kratts (or maybe just majorly relieved that it wasn't a bunny-themed birthday) and he sure can keep a secret.  After searching Pinterest, we came up with an easy way to make the famous Wild Kratts suits very simply.  You can go all out here but with limited time, I went for simple.  We got $2.50 shirts on sale at Jo-Ann in blue and green and got some black felt.  We cut out all the striping and simply sewed it in place.  We printed the creature power disks from various websites on photo paper, cut them out and laminated them and then cut them out again.  Circle velcro was sewn in the middle paw piece and the matching circle felt piece was glued to the creature power disk.  And guess what?  I didn't really take pictures of it.  :-)  You can see them on the group photo below.  I had quite a few games gathered from the internet and thought up myself to match the batches but the girls were just so excited just to play with each other.  They are still too young to be organized much to Nathan's disappointment.  It's hard being the oldest and the only boy.

The only budget I had for the birthday went into the shirts.  For decorations I simply used all the animals we had around.  It is amazing how many animals kids have!  Here is a really cute owl bag Oma sent from Germany.  On top of the cereal box is a squid I had crocheted a few years ago.  The cereal in the background is tradition:  On your birthday you get a box of your favorite cereal.  Abby couldn't decide, so here are Cocoa Puffs, Honey Combs and Lucky Charms.  The girl is smart, she got three boxes out of it.

A bear dressed up as a skunk.  I know, I'm hilarious.  No one got it. 

For Abby's school, Isabelle and me had made these pink cupcakes with marshmallow paw prints (again, thank you Pinterest for your ever inspiring awesomeness). 

The birthday girl for breakfast.  See how crazy her hair is every morning?

While everyone else was at school, Isabelle and myself got busy getting everything ready for the party.  Isabelle is decorating with animals (here with Nathan's white tiger from Alexander and Kathrin).  We also drew paw prints in a path from the car to the front door with chalk.  Again, no picture.

The cupcakes for home were in blue, Abby's favorite color, and green, the other color for the Kratts.  We also had bats on toothpicks as cupcake toppers.

The matching hat and vest I knitted for Abby for her birthday.  What I love most about Abby is that she loves everything.  Clothes, toys, whatever you give her, it is loved.  The two dogs are from Jennifer.  They came in a little bag to carry them.  How perfect for Abby.  She loved them.

But more than anything, Abby loves her people.  Here with her siblings, and Olive.  Rosie was here as well and Dick and Jennifer and of course all the uncles and Grandma.  That is pretty much what makes Abby's world great.

At seven Abby is a most wonderful little person.  She is still our sunshine in the house and loves babies and animals.  She wants to become an animal rescue person and still devours books by the dozens.  She loves her siblings and cousins.  She is also very emotional this year and is learning how to deal with that.  School has become a love-hate relationship.  Ballet is hard for her this year as it has become more of a focus on details rather than dancing.  Although she can do many things ahead of her age, Abby is a little girl at heart.  Bear still holds the number one spot in her heart for stuffed animals.  However, second place is up for grabs.  Her favorite color is blue, her preferred foods are fruits and dairy (cheese stick, cottage cheese, chocolate milk, yogurt).  She picks gummy candies over all others, especially the ones from Germany.  Physical activity is a drag but she loves playing the piano and is practicing well.  Baths for her take hours (I'm not exaggerating - 2 hours is nothing to her).  Doing her hair is torture.  Taking care of Hannah is pure pleasure and playing with Isabelle and Nathan could be done all day long.  While she still plays with Isabelle with toys, she is definitely developing into an imaginative player.  Although the Wii is always welcome.  While she is strong-willed (very), she is also tender and giving and can let you have anything you want.  

Life with Abby is colorful, exciting, challenging and just pure joy.

I know a girl

She puts the color inside of my world - John Mayer

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    wie immer schöne Bilder :-)