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Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Most of these are from Isabelle since she is in that beautiful stage of life where the things she says are just so funny.  Unfortunately she's my third child and by the time it takes me to find a paper and a pen, some other child has already demanded my attention...  Alas, here are at least a few:

Isabelle, demanding: "I said 'juice'!"
Mama: "Ask nicely."
Isabelle, still demanding: "I want juice!"  (Guess that was a little nicer....)

Isabelle, while watching a movie: "Eat him!  Eat him!"

Isabelle, born in May, telling me in December, January and February: "I'm going to be sick until my bird-day."

Nathan can never find a food that I cook that he likes (unless I make bacon).  One night I made breaded and baked chicken and much to my surprise, the boy who always sees the glass half empty, gobbled that chicken right up!  What a delight to this mom.
I asked: "Nathan, so you liked that chicken, uh?"
Nathan: "It wasn't that bad."  (Wow!)

Isabelle walking through the kitchen: "I just want to die and be with God."  (Life is hard when you are 3.)

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