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Friday, February 27, 2015

Homeschooling at Last!

We are finally doing it!  We are officially homeschooling for the 2015-2016 school year.  To say that I'm excited is an understatement.  (Disclaimer: When you ask me again about homeschooling in a few months and I break out in tears about homeschooling - I can do that!)
As finances ran dry and our daughter started to show signs of a classroom setting not being her ideal environment, we started to think of other options.  We had always said that we'd homeschool if the school didn't work out anymore but at first, the thought was scary.  I won't lie, it is convenient for the kids to go to school.  And what about all the friends I had made?  In the end, those are all shallow reasons and I quickly realized that I was simply scared.
As we began to research it became clear that God had blessed us with many experienced homeschooling friends who were all willing to help and show what worked for them (Beth, Ann, Jennifer, Kim and Kendra).  Many of them graciously invited me into their home for a day or however long it took and let me snoop through their homeschooling supplies to my heart's content. Some took me to their meetings of the curriculum they belong to.  Some invited other home schoolers to talk about home schooling in general and to encourage me (and of course to talk about the ever important future of play dates!).  One very dear friend (Beth - you rock!) was available daily to answer my 7,000,000 questions and helped me figure out so much.  I already have an amazing support system and that is apparently the number one treasure you want to have when homeschooling.
After meeting with many of my friends and talking and looking up all the options in our area, I presented my perfect plan to David who then agreed that we would be homeschooling both Abby and Nathan.  Before we told the kids we asked what their preferences were.  Both of them have begged us to home school (Nathan since Kindergarten, Abby since first grade).
This will be an awesome and amazing and hopefully not short-lived adventure!  I can't wait!

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