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Friday, May 22, 2015

One Year Old Hannah

It's hard to believe my non-sleeping baby is 1!  That's right, she still doesn't sleep through the night.  Yep, coffee is my new best friend.  Or summer break.  This is totally my own fault.   But I blame it on Dave.  It's always his fault.  :-)
But other than that, this is such a charming little chubby thing.  I love her.  We all do.  She's stolen our hearts with her utter cuteness.  She's a complete W. - her dad's side of the family.  Other than the red hair, of course.  That's all my side of the family.  :-)  Oma is proud of that.  Well, we'll get to that later.

Just like Isabelle, she's a total daddy's girl.  Nathan and Abby were mama babies but Isabelle and Hannah, they want their dad over their mommy.

Not only does she have Abby's beautiful red hair, she has these absolutely striking blue eyes (baby blues - pun intended).  They are the same as cousin Olive's, icy on the inside with a darker blue circle around the edge.   They are still strange to me, being used to all brown-eyed people in my close circle.

She has the cutest little smirk.  See above.  It's her very own, no one else in the family has it.  It's super cute and she does it all day long.

She became best of friends with Oma.  She doesn't make friends easily unless you are a child.  She loves kids.  They must remind her of her siblings.  She is not a touchy baby though.  She likes to communicate from afar.

Smirk again.  It's just too cute.  She also looks great in blue/yellow and green.  None of them colors her mother can wear.  :-)

Hannah is very interested in people.  She is also a very busy baby right now, loving to empty the same kitchen cabinets every day.  We are working on that.

Hannah has the cutest toes.  They are her dad's in miniature.  It's adorable.  She has four teeth on the top and two on the bottom.

She's good friends with Captain America.  :-)  And she's a cuddler.  Hence the picture.  

And just an overall happy baby.  She smiles most of the day.  

She loves her pink car and her walking dog that she pushes around almost daily.  The dog makes her happy.  She doesn't actually need to ride in the pink car.  Her siblings do enjoy giving her rides though. 

We are in the playpen daily and play there with the Little People farm.  She is starting to enjoy her time in the pen.  :-)

While she wants to be part of the big kid's club, she doesn't want anyone touching her.  If they actually oblige, the will walk up to them and give kisses and hugs.

And she loves her daddy!

Hannah finally started eating food when my mom was here 4 weeks ago.  That's right.  Prior to that she only had an occasional splash with solids.  I mean seriously, what baby starts eating at one?  Especially if you have been offered food since you are six months old?  
She is strong-willed and super sweet.  She wants to be with mama, Oma or dada at all times.  She loves her siblings and gets super excited when she hears them for the first time of the day.  She loves reading books.  Most of her days, she spends running around our house and following mama.  At times she gets distracted and will play with someone or something else.  Sometimes she can even be convinced to play in her sisters' room with them for a while.  She has a love-hate relationship with baths.  Sometimes she loves them, sometimes she hates them.  
Bedtime isn't easy for her but she's working on it.  Her favorite food is - think about it - bananas.  Probably because we call her Hannah Banana.  She is sweet as can be, loving and so very interested in her people.  She lives with Copper but let's him know very loudly when he knocks her over.  She knows her people and gets excited to see someone like grandma who she hasn't seen in a few days. Like Abby, she LOVES music.  She bops her little head after a few notes. She gives the best ever hugs and pats me in the morning (copying how I always pat her back).
 She's been hanging out in her Ergo happily as long as she is close to Mama.  She's been walking for the last month and is very timid at exploring away from mama in strange settings.  At home, she is becoming a very sure walker.  Although she hates her siblings off-centering her with hugs and kisses.
She's a cutie pie.  And she's making our days busy and bright.  While babies are a lot of work (especially when you are 40 and running on a lot less energy than you used to), they are just so much fun.  This little Hanny, as we also call her, is a pretty easy baby and she has been gracious to go along with crazy schedules that older siblings demand. 
We love you Hanny and Happy Birthday!!