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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Abigail's 2015 Ballet Recital

One of the highlights of the year for us as a family is Abby's yearly ballet recital.  She goes to a local Christian ballet school who puts on a fairly big and always spectacular ballet recital in June.  Starting in January, the girls start to practice their part of the recital.  There is a lower school and an upper school.  Abigail, as a younger girl, is part of the lower school.  The girls dance by class for the lower levels, the upper school girls all dance together as they are usually telling a story (this year it was the story of the fiery furnace - the book of Daniel in the Old Testament).  The little girls told of seven truths about God.  Costumes are ordered early in the year and we get them about a month before the rehearsal which starts all the excitement.  Last year Abigail was a monarch butterfly, and this year they wore pretty pink and glittery costumes.  Abigail was nervous this year, but not nearly as much as last year.  She was quite excited and was looking forward to all her peeps coming and cheering her on.  Margie and Olivia, Tanya and Hannah (Abby was on a road trip to Minnesota), Megan, Olive, Rusty, Rosie, Uncles Chris and Mike, Kathy G. and Grandma all came to the stunning performance.  Only Nathan missed it because of his mandatory all-star practice.  
This year Abby quite enjoyed her ballerina make-up.  The make-up is necessary to see any facial features against the bright light.  Especially a girl with Abby's light complexion would not show any facial features on DVD or photos.  She was really liking the lipstick and kept giggling about wearing it.  She also wore blush, mascara and eye liner.  Next year I will get her a good make-up kit.  This year it got so very busy and there are just too many choices of make-up colors.  Do you have any idea how many colors there are for blush????  Not even talking about lipstick.  And this mom doesn't even do make-up, so all is lost.  Maybe auntie Megan can help us out next year.  ;-)
This year's costumes were absolutely spectacular.  You are only seeing a very tiny selection below.  There are about 6 different costumes for the lower classes (each class has their own) and then the upper school has their own costumes (come in the pics below) as well.
Last year we weren't so sure about ballet but this year we are definitely in for the long haul.  Abby has caught the ballet bug and is constantly dancing to random music (favorite right now is Jeremy Camp's "He knows"), making up her own dances.  She is very good at it too.  And Isabelly likes to copy all her sister is doing.  Wish we had the money to send them both next year.  I will look into their scholarship program and see if it is for that kind of a scenario as well.

The upper school.  In the colored blue costume is Abby's teacher, Miss Cassie.  They are performing the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego from the Old Testament story of Daniel.

Miss Cassie, Abby's teacher.

My beautiful little girl.  She looks so grown up.  Next to her is her friend Jordan and next to Jordan is Abby's best friend from ballet, Abby.  That's right, there are two Abigails.  And even funnier, in the morning.class that performed on the other night, there was also a little redhead in the exact same costume as Abigail.

Photo credit:  Cavens Photography.

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