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Friday, June 19, 2015

Baseball 2015

Baseball season is over and Nathan's first ever All-star season has just begun.  He was a nervous wreck until he found out me made the team.  Now he's loving it and looking forward to the daily 3-hour practices.  Wouldn't you just love to be THAT in shape that you look forward to your 3-hour workout????  
He's had a great regular season, made new friends and learned more baseball.  He's developed into a nice all-around player who prefers the positions of pitcher, catcher, short-stop.  His favorite player is Mike Trout.  Hence, he got #27 for his All-star jersey.  And he finally got himself his first nickname.  A kid on his team calls him "Salmon" since he's got Trout's #27.  Nathan is proud of that.  Although his dad told him it is not good for wrestling season when you do not want to be seen as a fish (a bad wrestler who just flops on the mat like a fish).  
Dave is a fantastic coach and it shows with Nathan.  Nathan does not only have a good set of baseball skills, he also has baseball smarts.  He works hard, thanks to his dad instilling that work ethic into him.  As any 9-year old, he still doesn't quite know what to do when he doesn't experience success (might also be hard because his previous teams where all so successful).  
He made many new friends this year as his dad didn't manage, so many of the kids on the team were new to Nathan.  The weather this year has been fabulous, which always makes it easier for the girls.
I utterly love baseball season.  Mostly, because I love to see my husband coach.  :-)  He is incredible as a coach and I can't wait to see what he does during All-stars, where he was asked to coach.  

This is the first year where Nathan can steal bases and man, did he ever love that.  He was looking forward to it since last year.  

He had a great hitting year, also learning to be patient and not get yourself out when a pitcher is struggling to throw strikes.  That is hard for a 9-year old who wants to hit over the fence,

Sliding, another learned skill.  Pants that mom loves to wash and yes, all of his pants have holes in the knees.

His team relied heavily on Nathan to pitch and catch this year.  So much so that his arm got tired toward the end of the season.  He finished strong and now had some good rest, getting his arm back to speed.  He won't pitch in All-stars or catch for that matter, but he may be able to help out in a tournament situation when all the other guys are used up.

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