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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

Are these the most beautiful roses?  They were absolutely stunning and the picture does them no justice.  They are two toned.  The bottom of the leaf is bright yellow and then slowly turns into a burning orange at the edge of the leaf.  Absolutely beautiful.  
That brings us to Mother's Day 2015.  My younger brother Matze called us a few days before Mother's Day and asked if we could get my mom some flowers for the special occasion.  And thanks to such fabulous inventions as Paypal, we quickly received money from Germany to do so.  My mom's favorite color is orange (just like Kendra at Orangerie!).  I didn't even know this, so it was cool to learn this about my mom. And when Nathan and myself walked into the local store to buy the flowers, we were found this stunning bouquet.  Oma absolutely loved it and even more so when she found out that Matze had had the forethought to organize this and was thinking about her on this special day.  The roses, although opened already, lasted for a loooonnnnggg time.  
We were really bad about taking pictures while my mom was here.  As a matter of fact, we've been terribly bad about taking pictures in general.  Guess 4 kids is as much as we can handle...
Anyways, my point being, I'm not quite sure what all we had for food.  This is a Caprese Salad I made for my mom (she loves it).  And as you can see, we decorated the table and brought out the nice dishes.  This set of white dishes was going downhill quickly.  After years of using it, there were many chips and not enough dishes for family events.  I had been looking for a set for about 2 years but with this many people in the family, we could either not afford it or there weren't enough dishes.  When my mom was here we went to our church's annual sale and found a set of 12 sets of Mikasa white dishes with butter dish, serving plates, serving bowls, salt and pepper shaker, and tea cups!!  All for $40 and it was barely used.  Did I just go on another tangent?

The best part of this year's Mother's Day (other than my own mom being here with me) were the kids' presents.  Here is what Abby made me.  A lovely flower pot painting with a love note and a beautiful bookmark.  That will come in handy for homeschooling.  Just love and color and life pouring out unabashedly.  Loud  and big declarations of love in bright color.  These pictures shows the differences between Nathan and Abby so well.  Here is Nathans:

Nathan has gorgeous handwriting and carefully crafted a letter to me.  He had a few artistic touches that were carefully placed. No mistakes on his page.

Nathan's beautiful card.  He made a flower from fingerprints.  

And the inside of the card.  The heart had the above letter folded up in it.

And then he was thinking and thought he should use his birthday money to buy my mom and me Starbucks.  A habit I'm not thankfully healed from!  I now drink coffee and brew it at home.  So there, take that Starbucks.  We declined Nathan's generous offer but he kept insisting, so we let him buy Oma some coffee.  He is very generous with his money and usually ends up buying something for all his siblings.

This was probably Nathan and David's favorite part of Mother's day.  We've been trying our hands at ribs as they were really cheap around this time and my mom loves them.  And amazingly enough, all of our kids like them!  This happens once every four years.  Must be some comet circling around or something....  Anyways, they were really yummy.

We had a great day and David of course made sure that both moms had a very good and relaxing day.   It made me realize how much I would love for my mom to live here (hint, hint).  But most of all, I love being a mom.  My original plan for life looked more like me being a single career woman (lawyer) and making loads of money.  I'm so glad God intervened and provided this amazing man who had a dream of a family.  In my wildest dreams I would have never imagined this wild and crazy ride (how can you dream up something so wonderful?).  There are not enough words to express how grateful and thrilled I am to be a mom and wife.

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