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Friday, August 14, 2015

My Biggest Birthday Surprise Yet

This year I had a big birthday.  I wasn't thinking about it much and wasn't sad about the number either. I did use it to my advantage though when wishing for a more expensive gift....  :-)  More on that later.  Either way, my husband got me breakfast (which I love!) and then had to work.  I went garage saling for a bit but he needed the car to get me a gift still.  For some reason I got the strange idea that my mom might come.  I knew there was no reason to think that and David felt bad for me.  I continued on with my day, preparing for the party at nighttime while David went out to get a gift for me.  He either took the kids first and then went by himself or vice versa.  Not sure which one.  But here are some snippits from my special day and the big gift reveal:

The man who made it all possible and the blue-eyed baby. Yes, her eyes are still blue.  It seems they will stay that way.

Cute little Rosie. She is still so very tiny.  Which makes her all the more adorable.  

Other than my girls, our very favorite red-head, Jennifer.  We love that they make it out for our birthday parties.

Megan, Rosie, Rusty.  We are very fortunate to have all our family on David's side here.  Having the kids grow up around their cousins is very special.  My kids are missing out on cousin Noah as he lives across the ocean and it makes me very sad.  So much they miss out on.

The littlest one and her bunny.   This is also her favorite dress.  David had bought it for Abby when she was little.  It was so sweet.  He went into Fred Meyer and saw the dress and bought it for her.  Now his second daughter loves it.  Who knows, maybe Hannah will get to wear it as well.  Isabelle loves to run around and play with Rosie.  The two of them seem to form a bond just like Olive and Abby did.  Maybe that leaves Nathan and Hannah to hang out together....

Beautiful Olive. This girl is definitely a big girl now. This summer she doesn't look little at all anymore.  Her and Abby are best of friends.  I also think that Olive and Hannah have the same color eyes.  They both have those bright blue eyes with the little white ring around the iris.

There is a definite developmental leap for Nathan this year.  He is a big boy now.  His thinking has changed and he is reasoning for himself now.  Conversations with him have changed and are very exciting. He is also challenging our thinking which is not always fun.  :-)  He loves taking on more responsibility and is developing great leadership traits (other than with Abby - the two of them still either get along fantastic or not at all - no in between).  And yes, much to my dismay and his father's delight, the boy matches clothing colors in horrid ways.

the backyard swing set is still widely popular although further into the summer some yellow jackets made their home under the slide which made the girls freak out.  Literally.  Screaming and all.

And there is my sunshine.  That is her favorite outfit.  It's really for size 5 and she is a size 7 but she is making it work.  I just mended it the other day.  It is one tough piece of clothing to survive this girl for so long.  As you can see, she is a monkey and she also finds dirt very easily.  Clothes don't live long.  So invest in Tea (company who made this outfit) and Hanna Andersson.  Those seem to last.  And Keen shoes.  There is just never a bad background for your pictures when you have this color of hair!

Don't ask.  I don't know.  It's a water table for little ones.  Maybe he thought it was a bathtub although he doesn't like baths.  Who knows.  Betsy probably made him do it. 

Dick, before he took his mustache off.  Now it lives on in pictures.  Nathan looks so bored on this picture.  I must be opening someone else's present.  Oh, and note the couch and the color of the living room wall for a future post.

My Mother?  What is she doing here, you ask?  Well, remember the title of this post?  That's right, my sneaky husband and my equally sneaky mother pulled one over on me.  He didn't go to get my present from him.  No, he LIED!  He got my mom at the airport!!!!  Best birthday surprise ever! Even better, my mom was there for 4 weeks of cleaning, feeding me, re-organizing my house and to find a new couch that she would pay for.  Y-A-H-O-O!  I cried like a little baby.  In fact, my husband whom I love very much but whom I will get back, took a video of me screaming like a maniac and send it to my friend.  Yep.  Good one, my love.  That reminds me, I never got you back!
Oh, and that more expensive present I was hoping for? Yes, I got my Kindle Fire HDX.  (I had just hoped for a Kindle Fire).  I got spoiled....

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