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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Nathan's Birthday 2015

The kids just keep growing!  How rude.  Part of me is so very excited the older they get as we can see more and more who they are becoming.  But part of me is sad that it is going so fast.  Hello homeschooling!  Hopefully that will give us more quality time.
Anywho, since my mom was here and was going to miss the two of the three kids' birthdays, we chose to celebrate Nathan's earlier than usual.  To be exact, we celebrated it 2 weeks earlier!  The boy was quite excited.  But with baseball season being super busy and having 3 (yes, 3!) birthdays in the same month, it just worked out better that way.  And Isabelle had to move hers to later after all as she got sick. But her just turning 4, she was ok with that.

Of course, the best part of birthdays is having cousins around.  :-)  I love Abby's and Olive's facial expressions on this picture.  This was Nathan's present from Abby and she was really worried about it.  She had bought him a magic set and then, after she had bought it, thought it was a bad present.   So here she is explaining to him what a bad present she got him.  But he loved it, of course.  That made Abby very happy.

At the time of his birthday, Captain America was at the top of Nathan's list again (probably had something to do with uncle Chris taking him to see the movie a few days prior).  Oma got him this awesome costume with a frisbee shield.  We also cut out red, white and blue stars (see background) and hung them all over the place.

Traditionally, the birthday kid sits at the table in a dark room while all the other kids (with David's help) bring out the lit birthday cake.  This is usually also the first time our kids see their cake.  Mom gets to pick a theme usually (sometimes I have them pick).  It is usually something they are really interested in at the time.  Oma also got all the red, white and blue decorations (see table cloth).  It helped that it was close to the Fourth of July.  :-)

Once the birthday kid makes a wish, all the kids help blow out the candles.  Nathan's cake was all white with Captain America's red start on the top in red sprinkles. Loads and loads of sugar!!!!

This time around, we opted for a layered cake.  The little layers that look really neat seem to dry out really quick when baking.  Therefore we have bigger layers.  The red is not bright red because Nathan loves red velvet.

Nine has been a pretty cool age so far.  He has definitely entered the stage of independent reasoning and conversations are at a whole new level.  It is really, really neat.  The downside of this is of course that he is questioning us now.  :-)

The boy had a great birthday and loved spending it with all his favorite people, including his Oma.  It was wonderful to have her around in particular.  She helped with dinner (and even made one ahead for another birthday party - Hannah) and was such a great help getting everything cleaned, decorated, taken down and cleaned again.  And thankfully, she stayed away from the cake.  :-)  All Schmitt's and David will understand that. 

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