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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Baseball All-stars 2015

This is the first year that Nathan was eligible to make all-stars.  And he was really nervous and wanted it badly.  We didn't expect him to make it this year but he worked hard, very hard.  And hard work pays off.  In the end, he was selected.  He earned it.  And he was excited as only a little boy who just made all-stars can be excited.
Nathan became very nervous for his last few regular season games.  He was worried he wouldn't make it.  And when Nathan becomes nervous, he gets really upset and short and just all-around unhappy.  So it was a good experience for him to go through.
His dad, who is the most amazing coach I know, was asked to help coach all-stars.  They had 3-hour practices most days, two fun and team-building get-togethers, and a tournament at the end.  We played a local team first and they beat us.  Then we came back through the looser's bracket only to face this good team again.  We ended up with second place, a fabulous showing for a young team.  David is excited to coach them next year.  He said they have a good chance at districts if all the kids stay there.
And just look at the boy!  He looks so grown up.  I'm starting to see a little man.  While his face looks more and more like a face from my side of the family with his father's gorgeous eyes and thick hair, his body looks like his father's side of the family.  I never saw his dad as a young boy.  However, his dad used to coach his uncle Rusty when he was 15  (that is when I first saw Rusty play baseball) and Nathan moves so much like him.  When grandma Lorena watches Nathan play she always calls him Rusty.  :-)  
Fun Fact: Notice how all the guys' bodies are turned one way (except for one guy) and their heads another?  They are still turned to honoring the flag with their bodies and their heads are turned toward the speaker.  Apparently no one told them they can turn around after the National Anthem is over....

We love our local Little League.  There is something so special about having your kids grow up with the same kids and meeting each spring to play together for another season.  Volunteers making it all happen and putting in the hours and effort to make our kids better people and better baseball players.  I fall in love with my husband every spring again, watching him out there, pouring in the hours for the kids.  Any kid who wants extra work, gets extra work.  He will throw buckets of balls until the daylight is gone.  
And I love watching my son who works so hard. The other day a lady said what a good little player Nathan is.  She mentioned that he must have so much natural talent.  While Nathan is not clumsy by any means, he does not have any natural ability to set him apart.  There are some gifted people on his team (an amazing catcher, a great hitter).  They have natural ability because of how their bodies are built.  Nathan truly worked hard for years to get here.  He is by no means at the top or the best out there but he earned his spot as a starter on an all-star team as an infielder (short-stop and third base mostly).  He is a good little all-around player with baseball smarts.  He can help out to pitch and catch in a pinch.  He is a good little infielder or outfielder and can play most positions well enough.  We are very proud of him for the determination, passion, and endurance he has shown.  We can only hope he will transfer that to all aspects of his life.

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  1. Nathan steht da wie ein echter profi hihi aus dem wird mal was