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Thursday, September 17, 2015

First Ever Misabelle Day - 2015!!!

Usually we start Mama & kid days the summer before they officially start school.  However, since Isabelle gets left out (she doesn't get ballet or sports yet, etc) and since she is doing some school work, she got her first Misabelle day a year early.  And boy was it fun!  Isabelle was really easy to plan for as well.  There were some things she'd been waiting for a long time for and others that inspired her from Abby's special day.  On Isabelle's special day, we took Hanny along too.  Isabelle didn't mind and we didn't have anything planned where Hanny couldn't come along or would have been miserable (such as roaming through book stores for hours as with Abby).  

Look at those deep brown eyes!  They are so beautiful and they are her dad's.  Isabelle has a special love for "tiny teas" as she calls them.  One time at Starbucks a barista gave her a tiny cup with tea in it.  Ever since she loves them and requests them for birthday or Christmas presents.  Usually Nathan indulges her.  I figured since I've completely broken my Starbucks habit, I could get her one.  She loved it, as you can see.

She too wanted to go on a treasure hunt at Goodwill.  She too needed a piggy bank and we found a tiny pink pig.  She also saw this brand-new baby Anna doll (Frozen movie).  Her hair doesn't look brand new, you say?  Why yes, not anymore.  Not after Isabelle worked on it!  But she still loved her Anna anyways.  And has ever since.  We found another book or two and we picked up another Ravensburger game!  We found a complete and in excellent shape "Labyrinth" game.  We've been playing it ever since and all the kids like it.  Isabelle doesn't quite understand it but she has her own rules and so she plays with us and that is all that matters.

Next stop, the local teacher supply store.  She, just like her sister, played for a while with all the display toys and had a blast.  And I got out of there without spending ANY money.  Unheard of.  And just like her sister, we drove on over to the local kid's arcade.

Isabelle loved riding the rides.  Hannah, not so much.  They moved too much for her taste.

Now this one Hannah enjoyed.  Which was neat because it was a tiny carousel and Hannah and Isabelle could ride at the same time.  It was very cute and adorable and sweet and with sugar and spice.

Isabelle on the same ride.

Oh, I love this picture!  Isabelle all cute with the mouse and happy and Hanny having the funniest face.  I laughed so hard the first time I saw it.  Two sweety pies together.  I think I need to stop writing and I need to go smooch some cutie pies.

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  1. isabelle ist einfach eine goldige
    das letzte Bild ist zu schön hihi :-)