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Friday, September 11, 2015

Fourth of July 2015

Yeah, I'm a bit late on posting these but I can't get myself to just ignore certain big events.  The pictures come up on my computer and as the family event documenter, it must be written about.

The little set-up in front of our house.  Chairs and lots of blankets and sleeping bags.  As you can see, we have an active neighborhood.  Kira, our neighbor who is good friends with Abby, is talking to David.

Some of our neighbors starting the fireworks.

All the kids running through the colored smoke bombs.  Those are my favorites to take pictures of.

The man who makes it all possible!

Look at the great sunset.  We've had such a great summer with so much heat.  And of course of all the years for our air conditioning in the car to break, it was this one.  Murphy's Law.

The boy getting serious and taking his socks of?

Emery.  One of the coolest little boys I know.  He is so much fun.  An old soul in a little boy's body.

Don't you love catching people making funny faces?  The Sparks were going to celebrate with us but then their boy got sick and mom had to stay with him.  And he was vomiting, so it wasn't something where he could lay in the grass.  Nathan was pretty bummed to miss his friend.  But the girls all still got to hang out and Mr. Sparks made some fantastic burgers with all the fixings, much to David's delight.

Pretty little dancer.  She caught a parachute guy and was very excited about it.

Abby gets frightened halfway through.  For some reason that makes her pull her hair.  :-)

We have some pretty awesome fireworks in our neighborhood.

Somebody is excited.  Little smunchkin.  Want to pinch her checks and smootch her all over her sweet little face.

Her favorite Elsa shirt from Frozen.  It was a summer staple.  Those are also her favorite sandals.

Did you know I love that man?  Yep.  I sure do.

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