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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Last of the Random Summer Pictures

A few more pictures from my camera upload:

Hanny, in her "prison."  She spends about 30-60 minutes in here every day.  We practiced over the summer and she actually loves it.   The trick was to train her at the same time every day and slowly.  A great incentive is to let her play with her favorite toys in here only.  On occasion, she even got a treat in here, such as a fruit puree pouch or the even rarer cookie.  All in all, it made for a treat to go in the playpen.  Now she actually runs to it and tries to climb in.  She also tries to climb out after a while.  :-)  I try to get her out before she actually wants to come out but that has been a discipline issue with me...  :-)  When you homeschool, it sure does help to have a baby trained to play quietly by herself and in a confined area .  It allows for art class without tiny fingers trying to grab everything and it allows for the older kids to be able to truly concentrate on their math problems or writing assignment.   And more often than not, I find another little one sitting in there playing with the baby.  And if it is recess, some older kids may also find their way in there.   I think that is because the baby can't get away from them in the confined space.  :-)

Kira, our neighbor girl who lives across the street from us.  Here all three are dressed up to the nines.  Isabelle in her beloved Elsa dress from her friend Kezia.  It is such a fabulous dress that is of such good quality that I have been able to easily wash it without any damage to the glitter or any of the fabric.  

Emery playing guns with Nathan upstairs.  He was so happy to have a boy to play with.  I think Nathan was just as happy to have Emery.  The two had a really good time together, although they are 3 years apart.  That is a change for Nathan who used to only want to play with older or same-aged kids.  I'm not sure where the change happened, if it was going to school or having so many younger siblings.  But it sure is a welcome change.

That outfit reminds me so much of some earlier posts, years ago.  Here is a great flashback.

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