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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Mabby Day 2015

This year's Mabby day was long anticipated and the first of the special days we had this year.  I knew pretty much what I wanted to do with Abby.  Two things had been on Abby's mind lately: Larger puzzles and a piggy bank.  We had lost the top of her piggy bank and I had thrown it away because of it.   Just got tired of picking up coins all over here floor.  And wouldn't you know it, she found the little rubber seal in one of her dressers...  Figures.  Of course she was not happy with me and kept reminding me that I shouldn't have thrown the piggy bank away.  As a result, our first trip was to Goodwill to get a piggy bank and some puzzles.  The first piggy bank Abby picked was terrible.  It was this awful looking thing that she loved.  The agony!  Thankfully a lady overheard us talking and found a beautiful whitish elephant.  Abby thankfully loved that one more.  Day saved.  :-)
We also got quite lucky in the puzzle department.  My favorite puzzle sets are Ravensburger.  The quality is just so much better than others.  But you obviously pay for that quality and so we usually don't get Ravensburger puzzles.  However, on this particular day we hit the jackpot!  We found a 100 piece puzzle for Isabelle, a 300 piece spaceship puzzle for Nathan and two larger ones for Abby and myself to make together.  Score!  And then we also scored in the book section!  Two of the books on my book list this year for read-alouds were Avi - Crispin and George - My Side of the Mountain.  Not only did we find those in ecxellent condition, they were also priced $.99 and $1.99.  Plus, we found other books by the same authors for the kids to read during their reading time.  I love Goodwill!  We spent quite some time here roaming through the isles, and getting lost in the book department.  :-)

Isabelle's puzzle

Our awesome book finds.

The next stop was our local teacher supply store with it's educational toy section.  Abby particularly enjoys their Little Critters display where they let you play with some sets.  Abby played for a while and we ended up buying Eddy's Thinking Putty (a small one) for our treasure box for school.  

Not too far away is a children's arcade for littler kids (with some bigger kid games).  We went there as well and played some games together.  Abby's favorite was a horse game where you sit on a carousel horse and a screen in front of you shows you how you are doing in the horse race.  

We went to Starbucks for lunch.  Abby had been fancying their protein box for a while.  And although I told her she would probably not like it, I let her have one for a treat.  She didn't like it that much.  As least now she won't desire it every time she sees it.  :-)  

And off we went to the local Humane Society for my animal loving girl.  And lucky for her, they had a kitten showing that day where local fosters brought in all of their kittens and you could hold and play with as many as you wanted to.  And that she did, hold as many as they would let her.  We are lucky we did not walk out with a kitty.  :-)  It was hard, but we did it....  Although, if it was up to Abby, she would have rescued a few 15-year old cats....  They honestly were on their last leg.  I keep being tempted to get her a kitty for her birthday only to remind myself that this is not the time and place to do it.  Hannah is just too young and I don't think Copper would go for that.  Plus, I just really need one more thing on my plate.  NOT!

When my mom was here (the time before last), we got Abby a pedicure and she loved it.  So once a year, I'll spring for that.  Abby loved it.  Although I did not like this place as much as the one closer to our house.  But they had a pretty fabulous chair.  It surprised me that she picked the bear over the butterfly but then again, it would probably surprise her that this surprised me.  :-)

Abby loves toenail polish.  And after the ballet recital she also loves lipstick and always says the word with a tone of secrecy.  I love her little toes!

We ended the day with dessert from Fred Meyer and Abby constantly hugging me and telling me "Thank you!" for her very special day.  It was so much fun to just have one girl to focus on and to be able to do some of the things we usually can't do with the little ones (such as sitting still for a pedicure).  It was a pretty awesome day and we talked lots, especially about our hopes and dreams and fears of homeschooling and also about anything and everything.  I, for one, am very much looking forward to another Mabby day in 2016.  :-)

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  1. das ist Abbys Welt haha
    Wow die Sitze sind ja toll, wenn ich wieder mal da bin gehen wir mal dahin