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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Mathan Day 2015

There are no pictures of this day!  That's right.  I didn't take any!  Terrible....
But here was my big plan for Nathan.
Of course he wanted to go to Goodwill as well and look for a Nerf gun instead of a piggy bank.  So we did and we scored!  We found a really neat Nerf gun (an Elite automatic with a magazine) and it even had some darts left.  The boy was thrilled.
Next, was my big surprise: The archery range!  Last year we had spent hours here and he had such a good time.  This year, we left after just one hour.  Total bummer.  I still don't even know what went wrong but he ended up wanting to leave.  And quite frankly, it was his day and there was no point to be made by making him stay there.  He got frustrated over not being able to aim good with his beginner's bow, no matter how hard he tried.  It may be the equipment.  It was a cheap beginner's bow with a few decent arrows.  But as I pointed out to him, the guy next to him had the biggest and fanciest bow I had ever seen (it was equipped to the nines, with all kinds of things hanging off it) and he barely ever got close to the red circle (much to my surprise because he literally had more gadgets on it than my car has).  But there was no talking him out of it.  Which was a bummer because they do have a homeschool league.  Then again, the boy does so many sports, he most likely has not time for that anyway.  It would just have been a nice life skill (to be able to go bow hunting for deer).
Next, was a stop at Starbucks for his beloved frappucino.  He had seen an ad for the blackberry one.  He liked it a lot but still prefers the Vanilla Caramel frappucino.  He did have a hard time deciding between going to the local Humane Society to visit animals or going to an arcade. In the end, the arcade won.  Mostly due to the fact that he already had a card with 4,000 points that was burning a hole in his pocket.  So we went for a few quick games.  And they were quick.  Those places are money suckers!  Thankfully we had set a limit to go in but it was gone just like that.  Nathan then went into the store to spend his fortunes but couldn't decide.  He spotted an Ebay card but got so overwhelmed, that I suggested he wait to redeem the card until he had clarity rather than making a pressured decision he may live to regret.  And he actually listened!  His dad and I had our anniversary a few days later and went back and got him the ebay gift card.  $25 buckeroos!  And what did he buy?  A Zoomer Dino on ebay.  Let me tell you, those are pretty cool.  If you have a boy who loves remote-control toys, this one is one of the coolest.  :-)  Anyways, we wound up our day and the boy who had been a bit grumpy after the archery range had a good day after all.  He was very happy by the time we tucked him into bed and had enjoyed his special day.  Albeit sans pictures.  Sorry about that.

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