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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

More Catching Up

I downloaded more miscellaneous photos from our summer.  This will be another random post just to chronicle our every day.

Our blessing board.  Abigail updated her and we made sure to leave "OMA" on there.  :-)  Her "hint, hint" next to bear is to remind me that I needed to patch him up.  And I finally did.  Bear now has a red heart-shaped patch and another pink heart-shaped patch over that first patch.  Hopefully this will hold for a while.

Abigail loves playing with Hannah.  Hannah has developed such unique relationships with all 3 of her siblings.  It is very cute.  She loves them so very much and is starting to tag along with them and even play games with them.  Here she is showing Abby part of her own routine.  Those popsicle molds get taken out and put together on the floor quite often.  Hannah finds them fascinating.  Unfortunately she never puts them away....  Abby thinks Hannah is the most adorable thing.  She will literally tell me EVERYTHING Hannah does and says.  Abby just can't get enough of the baby cuteness.

Our friend Grace O..  Her and Isabelle and Abby are very good friends.  They spend all their baseball days together and some other special days at our house.  She is Nate's little sister.  Here both her and Isabelle are sitting in Hannah's play pen.  Isabelle has started to dress up in pretty dresses lately. She got some from her friend Bella M. and has been dressing up in them every since.  It makes her feel like a princess.  This particular one is an Easter dress we already had.

Hannah LOVES green smoothies.  I make a big batch with a lot of spinach in them and the girl drinks an adult size one every day.  She will even dance for them.

Lego creations.  Abby's are starting to become a lot more intricate than her usual square blocks.  This one in particular was really cute.  Her and Nathan wanted to enter the Lego contest and built a Chima scene.  I particularly love how they use square blocks as heads for their bodies.  :-)  It's hip to be square...

Nathan's entry.  I loved his colors and use of torches on the entry  way.  Pretty cool throne roomish creation.

Isabelle dancing, copying Abby's ballet moves.  See, another pretty dress.

These were Isabelle's favorite shoes this summer.  And she still puts them on the wrong foot every.single.time.

Pretty little dancer.

We just all love our couch.  Most comfortable place in the house.

Hannah loves walking across the couch.  

And then falling into the pillows on the other end...

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  1. wow, was für ein schönes Kleid hat die primaballerina an.