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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Some Other Random Happenins

As I off-loaded my camera, there were some random pictures that would just show some special or everyday aspects of our lives.

Hannah in her high-chair from Auntie Megan.  Have a fruit pouch.  Genius inventions!  I hope that whoever invented them is filthy rich.  And most likely they are.  The garland above Hanny is from my mom.  She bought them as decorations for the girls' birthdays.

Swwt Abby in her school uniform with the beloved bear, who needed yet another patching.  She is next to her chore chart/behavior chart.  I do those well for a few weeks and then I slack.  Poor kids.  They actually really like them.

A successful week.

The boy doing one of his last (for now) school homework.  In the background another garland from my mom.   Nathan's school used A Beka which I really liked.  Unfortunately it does not lend itself well for homeschooling multiples.

Hannah on her ladybug, a birthday present from my mom.  The crazy woman had it shipped her.  And a birthday outfit from grandma.  It is purple, grandma's favorite color.

Isabelly at the new play table with Micky and Minnie (birthday gift from Grampy), doing her new block puzzle from the Matson's.  She is really enjoying puzzles these days.  She can easily do small puzzles by herself now.

All the girls on the couch.  Here is a good judge on how large this luxurious couch is.  The couch is in a u-shape and this is the small part at the bottom of the "u".  

Poor dog.  He is not allowed on the couch anymore.  But not all is bad, we got him a comfy dog bed.  He obliges, albeit not happily.

Cutie patootie,  In this picture, proud owner of 6 teeth.  Slowest teether EVER.

That is how I found them.  All piled up together.

One of the walls in the homeschool room.  At first I didn't want to put our map up but the kids have learned so much by it simply being placed where they can see it.  Some blackboards to write on for homeschooling.

One of Abby's polymer clay creations, an owl in a next.  The flash ruined the picture but she really impressed with this creation.  The girl loves artsy anything.  We found some Youtube videos that showed her how to make these and she made some really great animals.  This one she made for one of her cousins as a birthday present because her cousin loves animals.

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  1. Haben wir einen guten Kauf gemacht mit dem kleinen Tisch & Bänkchen hihi
    und vor allem die Couch da haben ja alle Platz juchhuuuu