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Thursday, September 10, 2015

The New Couch

Unfortunately, I only have this wide-angled lens that won't let me take good pictures of the couch.  And I lack the motivation 'cause otherwise I could surely figure something out.  :-)  But at least it shows the beautiful new colors and the size of our couch.  Together with the lovely sunshine wall, it is so much nicer now.  Makes me realize how bad my previous room was decorated.  My awesome husband is just so great to endure those decorating faux pas!  Poor guys sat in that dark and green room for years.  The walls are still a bit bare as we'll take our time to decorate those.

Love, love, love the rust color.  Hopefully the attached cushions will hold up over time.

The curtains and the Ottoman.  The pillows also came with the couch.

As Nathan put it: "Mom, it is so comfy.  I can't get up."  And he isn't lying.  Plus, there is ample room for all of us.  A two-seater, a three-seater and a chaise, all in one piece.  Plus the ottoman.

Yep, most comfortable place in the house.  And you truly can't get up.  Thanks mom!

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